Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Baby Bella.

My Baby Bella is so precious. She has the best personality. I can only credit the cattery and the careful breeding for her attitude. She loves people. Hardly anything scares her. It is easy to see her puzzle things through. She also has a very long attention span. And her least favorite word is "no"! At least now she knows we are talking to her when we say it.

This is Bella on September 19th 2015.
She went to the vet for a checkup and to get her up to date on her shots.
She weighed 2.65 #'s.

I was worried about the transition to baby kitten dry food. I bought 4 cases of her Royal Canin Baby Cat Instinct mousse. Her eating schedule has changed a bit. I am allowing her to dictate how much she eats. So, she is still eating 2 -3 cans a day. BUT is eating more at each sitting with a longer time between. And my worry about transitioning to dry food was not a worry at all. I witnessed her eating the big kittie's dry food! I swear she doubles her size every couple days.

And she has found the people's bed and joins us at night. She is an under the covers kitty. A natural. Look at that belly!

I moved some containers around and have been discovering wonderful components to blocks. I think this section is called Birds In The Air. Anyway I have a bunch of neutral 2" HST cut with the EZ Angle ruler.

Gotta go...made chili for hubby. Nearly the last of our tomatoes from the garden.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

I have a new cat.

I have a new kitten. I got her last Friday evening. She is a short hair Chocolate Point Balinese. I bought her from the Obsession/Serenade cattery in Macy Indiana. I have named her Isabella (Bella). She is the love of my heart right now.

She is only 7 weeks old but is the boss of me already. She meows if she cannot see me. I say "here I am" and she runs with her tail straight up and then meows while standing on her front legs for me to pick her up. She took a two hour nap wrapped on my neck this morning.
She is not spoiled or anything.

Sleeping in the big cat bed. I need to make fresh cat beds. But I am spending all my time with her. I clipped on her front paws' nails tonight. She then started to struggle so I let her go. We need to acclimate her to nail clipping as I do not want to declaw her at all.