Sunday, July 20, 2014

Crochet Stitch-cation afghan completed.

All done. This is destined to belong to GD AnnaMarie.

The link below will take you to this Awesome site with FREE designs and tutorials. The above afghan is called Stitch-cation. It is a challenge to make two blocks each of ten (10) different stitches using at least eight (8) different colors. I have been crocheting for 55+ years and some of these stitches were new to me. The end result is wonderful if I do say so myself.
I can say that each square was a simply "okay" in my book. But after they were all joined the magic happened. Even my jaded hubby thought this project was unique and cool!

The magic happens this way in making small quilt blocks. The end result always is better than each little unit by itself.

And another challenge was getting the blocks to all be the same size. Different colors, even in the same line of yarn, (Red Heart) behave differently. Some I had to make smaller using a smaller hook. And when that did not work I had to reduce the # of stitches per row. I have only two (2) blocks that were not up to my standards. And they were the first two blocks I made. Practice...they may end up being a pillow.

And here is my precious Lucky Lucy. She wanted to know what I was doing outside with that afghan. Well...even more what I was doing outside. I am an inside girl.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crocheting up a storm

I sure miss sewing. I have not been able to lose myself in quilting since the loss of our Macy. Even Pearl is still calling for her. Macy left a mighty big hole.

 And I am a Happy Hooker as the cup says. I am happy with the 20 ounce mug. I bought two mugs. One for me and one for my friend Victoria.

Yarn all over the place. Many different projects. My head cannot seem to concentrate of sewing so I am crocheting.

This is a Face Book block challenge. I finally have all the 20 blocks made. It was a challenge getting the blocks all the same size. And working with different colors of the same brand of yarn makes a big difference in the finished size. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I use this yarn mostly for slippers. It seems a bit coarse for an afghan.

Evidence that I have 2 of each block design. But my project sure lacks the "groove" of the ones I have seen done. Perhaps when I add the joining yarn and a few borders mine will be a keeper!!