Friday, March 22, 2013

Fussy cut Hexagon quilt top progress

I cannot begin to tell you all how thrilled I am with the progress I have made on this hexagon venture. I have been making the large rosettes for months. And since I started this a few years ago and then stopped, it is really an old UFO!

I started assembling the quilt today. Look what I have done! I love it! I really like the gray fabric in there. It gives the eye a place to rest against all the batiks.
Although this looks like it will be a circle quilt, I am aiming for a rectangle. But then some quilts have a life of their own and tell you what shape they will be.

DH just shook his head and said I was crazy to be doing this. I admit I am a bit odd but so far this has simply been a labor of love.

In the beginning it looks like a spoke wheel. Or a starfish. Then I just set the batik rosettes inside each arm making sure my little sewing machine was upright. I know I have made this a bit harder for assembly but I love those little Singer Featherweight emblems.

On the brown and pink quilt, I added a dark brown border and it suddenly said it was finished! I have the backing already pinned in the frame and am ready to baste this up for quilting. The binding is made too.
I have a new candy love: Lifesaver Jellybeans! Oh boy!! Had to go and buy more before they are all gone. Was 5  bags enough?????? When those are gone...Easter candy will be but a memory.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A pink and brown quilt top has been born!

Wow! What a joyous ride this quilt has been. It literally flew from my fingers. It did not ever feel like work.
Granted mine is only 54" square and the one Bonnie Hunter showed was mammoth!
 But...I have enough blocks to make another one!

Then border decisions needed to be made. Hubby and I decided on the lighter pink. The one on the right. I may use the rose colored one as the backing.

On the Hexie front I have made all the batik flowers I had cut out. What is on the wall is only 3/4 of them. I am now making the little 3 piece unit between each rosette. I am using a Kona fabric called Ash. It is a nice clean gray and will not compete with the batiks for glory. So I am back to basting and basting and basting.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the pink and brown rejoice!!!!

Once again I cannot thank Our Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame for her inspirations!
All it took was one look at this post:

And I was off and running sewing!!!
In two days I had 152 blocks made using her streamlined method. I made 20 with the browns in the corners and 132 with the pinks in the corners.
Looking at the antique quilt it seems I only needed 110 blocks. And since at the beginning of the cutting marathon I was cutting duplicates, I can set those aside and still have enough blocks to copy this beauty!!!

I was not sure I would like Bonnie's sewing method. But it is so fast!!! The only complaint I have is when I used a striped fabric. The block ended up with one fabric rotated incorrectly. Oh well....that will just add to the wonkiness of the quilt. I am totally in love with just the blocks.
Now I need to find 2 yards of a nice brown for the setting blocks. WHOOHOOO!!!

Here is the box of parts I started off with on Friday night. It only took me two days to make all those blocks.

And above is a sampling of the grays I am swapping on the Quiltvilleswap group on Yahoo. I sure love gray fabric. Someday I am making a gray/pink quilt. I can feel it churning in my head!

Friday, March 1, 2013

String "H" blocks

Since I have been the hostess for the washed swaps on Yahoo (2+ years) I do wash the fabrics I swap.
I always wash batiks before using them in a quilt.
Most of my scraps are now a mix of washed and unwashed. Most of the strings are from my past WASHED swaps.

Well, I have went and done it again. I am hooked on another version of string blocks. The versatility and fabric/stash busting value of string blocks just cannot be beat!!!

And yes, that is my version of Jamestown Landing being assembled. I have a bad habit of making ALL the units for a quilt and then putting all them away in a box. This has been sitting and waiting for assembly ever since the pattern came out. (designer is Our Bonnie Hunter of course)

In an effort to find any pitfalls of making these blocks I became a guinea pig. I consider myself a competent string block maker. But this 45 degree angle can make you cut your strip off too short if you try to eyeball the edge before folding the strip out.
I eliminated most of that issue by cutting my foundation papers a bit larger than Michele Foster has in her tutorial.

Michele was trying to be frugal with her expensive leave-in foundation papers. We are not using those type of foundations. We are using removable papers. And telephone book pages are free!!!! So I cut my foundations 4" X 8.5" instead of 3.5" X 8.5" as Michele recommends. Problem solved.
And by cutting this way I can get a matched set of lefties and righties all ready for sewing.
Note to self...use a waste piece of paper under foundations to avoid pencil marks on the cutting mat.
  They look so rough before trimming!!!!
 And so nice when done!!!

String piecing can be messy. And I have one cat who is bound and determined to kill herself by eating threads. She knows I am watching her watch me for any lapse in my concentration on just where she is at during the sewing process. This is the same cat who ate two quilting needles with quilting thread attached. The thread wound around the base of her tongue and the needles lodged in her stomach. She had to have abdominal surgery to fix fault. It will never happen again if I can help it!!!

Another perfect loaf of wheat bread came out of the bread machine.