Friday, October 17, 2014

A lovely Fall day

Our pine trees have grown so much that I had to go to the end of the driveway to take this picture. I prayed no one saw me as I was in my indoor clothes that one may call pajamas...
These colors on this tree just makes my heart sing.
I have an entire tote full of Fall fabrics. Trees, leaves,acorns,grasses are all in there. This is a problem for me as I want to make the perfect quilt from them but do not want to use them in error. Sigh.....

I used a link on Face Book and bought this pattern last night. I printed out the 13 pages...yes thirteen pages. I prefer to work off a chart not lines and lines and more lines of abbreviations. Anyway I started this last night and finished it this morning. I lost my place a few times. And since I need to make 35 of these motifs, I need to use stitch markers. But I am loving how it looks. The next motif will be much smoother. I am using Caron Simply Soft in Victorian Rose. This yarn is so soft and wonderful but it splits all the times. I have made 8 Corner to Corner afghans for Christmas presents using this yarn for the last few months.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

October sewing...looks like I am really back now!

I have been at the sewing machine for three days in a row. Well actually one day was just cleaning the machine and changing the needle.
I started slow. I was not sure how I would feel. I have been denying myself the sewing because I was in mourning for my cat Macy's death. A death that I made the final decision on. A death that I had to carry out. A death that seems to have broken me a bit. But a death that could not be avoided. A death that was a mercy for her. A death that I had to assume the broken heart for myself to help her.
Enough...I am better. I am.

I got my little Leader & Ender container out and sewed all the 3 1/2" BowTie blocks together. This was all I had prepped. I have more cheddar 2" squares cut but no more calicos cut. I am guessing that this will be all it will be and will get it sewn together tomorrow. Then I look at the two extra blocks on point over there and my head is designing. Hummmm...maybe I will wait and look at them for awhile.

And before I sewed I moved all the furniture out, used my new Shark Rotator vacumm, washed the windows and the curtains and then put all the sewing furniture back but in Winter mode. I am facing the picture window again. I cannot do this during the Summer as the sun is way too strong and I have this issue with bright light in my eyes.

I won a gift basket through FaceBook. I had to go get a prize form notarized and was thinking maybe I had won a longarm machine. But no, a few days later a box arrived that was full of goodies! One of the goodies was a white box that had 6 spools of SO Fine threads. How did they know that is my favorite bobbin thread??? I even have the color charts and have the numbers checked off that I have purchased. A couple of the colors were ones that I have but hey!!! A gal can never have too much thread. Thanks so much APQS!!!!

And I also sewed on this monster of a green quilt. I used the free Sister's Choice from Bonnie Hunter's website. (
There are no repeats of greens in all the blocks. I need to get the backing made and then off to the quilter lady with this one.

And there is Maggie Mae helping me. She LOVES those measuring tapes. I have to keep them in the drawer. She loves to bite them. She is scheduled for her Lion cut on Wednesday.

And here is the Lucky kitty helping me. The trick is to lay on anything Subee seems to be picking up. Could be the book. Could be the tray could be the blocks she is hiding.