Monday, December 31, 2012

One spoiled Siamese named Macy Gray

Poor Macy...she suffers so when the colder weather hits. She can tolerate summer when we have the air conditioning on...she goes to the warm garage. But now that winter is here she craves deep warmth.
So, out comes the old heating pad. If a cat can hug a flat object, she can!!! Here she is on my Hubby's computer desk. She will sit on the pad and scream for it to be turned on. We also move it around the room for her. No she is not too spoiled!!

I feel that the backside of your patchwork should be neat and straight too. And if it is the front side will be even better!!!

I have the 4 triangle #1's done. And eight (8) of the twelve (12) triangles #2 done.
I was surprised to see clue #7 posted today. No complaints here!!!

I lay a "master" plan on a piece of batting and use that as my guide. I have folded it away for tonight and will finish the last four (4) triangles tomorrow.

Perhaps three years ago when Bonnie Hunter's first book came out, I made my bed quilt. I called it Batik Virginia Stars. It is retired from the bed right now because I have my log cabin quilt on the bed.
I was going through a drawer where I have all of Kaye England's rulers and patterns. And I found 12 more blocks. In as little as an hour I have the above small lap quilt pieced into a lap size quilt!!! WHOOHOOO!!! I was watching the newer King Kong movie. Naomi Watts is so beautiful!!!

I am finally getting the hang of my bread machine. I have been making two loaves a week. It smells so good when it is baking!!! And makes the best french toast!!!

And here was another find while searching for greens. 24 star blocks with a Dan Morris kitty fussy cut as the centers. One of my swappers actually sent me more of this fabric so I cut one center block and voila' another lap size quilt to join the LONG line of quilts that need quilted!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Easy Street clue#5 complete

As with all of these clues, this clue was super easy. And Our Bonnie Hunter has still got me guessing as to the layout of this mystery quilt!!!
Many quilters are making this mystery quilt. Check them out on Bonnie's blog:

I do not usually buy fabric at Walmart. I do buy batting and yarn there. And then I spotted lots of the limey greens that Our Bonnie is using. I had to buy some as this is NOT a color I have in my stash. I was also very lucky and a clerk was close by and did a great job of cutting some off each bolt!!!

What a Christmas surprise from my wonderful husband, James Mohr. He bought me a drop dead gorgeous burgundy U-Bass. It is very small and light but packs the same punch as a full sized bass guitar. But the strings are kind to these old fingertips and the guitar fits my hand and fingers perfectly. How am I to sew and practice bass at the same time??? I still need to clone me!

I have a small amp to practice with. I am going to set this up real close to my sewing machine so I can sit in my sewing chair and still practice, practice, practice!

When I am too tired to sew at the machine I pick up a crochet hook and make some baby afghans. Dear Granddaughter #3 is expecting. We do not know the sex of the baby so I am using a multicolored yarn that will be okay no matter which sex it turns out to be. But with a plethora of great-grandsons, we are all hoping for a girl!!!

I finished my Subee's Stars quilt. Bess is inspecting my workmanship.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy Street Clue#4 completed

Warning: lots of photos in this post!!!
See Bonnie Hunter's Linky post here:

I am doing Easy Street in two colorways. But those Flying Geese units were just so cute I made them in five colorways.
I know. I am just a little bit obsessive.

I cannot decide which way is the one I prefer. And I had to stop myself or I would have made more in different colorways.

But then I had a plan....more below.

Here is Sissy. I pieced most of the actual colorway on her. She sews so well. But the chair in this room just kills my back. And my big sewing chair is too big for this room. It barely goes through the doorway.

Love this little sidewinder.  I use her all the time when sewing with Sissy or at retreats. Well...she is packed in the truck if I need her. But I usually have many bobbins already wound ahead of time. lost container of thread. When I moved the sewing table in here I found this container underneath!!! Was not doing me any good not being used!!!

Here is my plan: I am going to make lots of Flying Geese, HST, Birds in the Air and/or more and keep them in these drawers. As I cut for a quilt I will feed these drawers. WHOOHOOOT! I am going to get so much more done!!

I tried and really liked the Grace Tru-cut blade sharpener. But there was just a tiny little container of oil. DH found this for me at a Hardware store. I am pretty sure it is what I need...any advice??

I bought and received one of those really big seam rippers from the seller on Etsy. Later in the evening he was sold out! Like that was a surprise with Our Bonnie tooting his horn! Mine is wood...beautifully turned.
I really do not need this items.  And it sure was not inexpensive. The leather sheath smells so good!!!
I am thinking of having a giveaway to celebrate the end of Easy Street.
Would any of you enter a give away for this item???

While waiting on the next clue I was making some pink string blocks(32). Then I made 24 more neutral string blocks. I have no idea what these will be used in. I just love making string blocks. These are 6 1/2" unfinished.

I did throw away the pile of trimmings. The food chain needs to end somewhere.

I really spread out when making string blocks. What you cannot see is the HUGE container of strings on the floor.  I keep them sorted by color now.

And another find. As I was searching for a box to ship out two cat beds I came across these blocks made eons ago. Michael Miller fabric. Each star is made from a different fabric. There are twenty-four 12 1/2" blocks....they just need a bit of sashing to be called a quilt top.

And a token kitty picture. This is my Pearl. Whole name is Pearly Piwacket.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Easy Street Clue#3 finished & Subee's Stars quilt

Both colorways are complete for Easy Street clue#3. I loved making these units. I used scrappy pinks and browns for my colorway#2. But turquoise is not in my stash in a great amount. But...I had an entire bolt of this RJR turquoise fabric. I have used it many times with my Laurel Burch collection (original fabrics from eons ago) and it worked. I love the purple and blue together!!! We have to give it up to Our Bonnie Hunter...she is a genius with colors!

I added this photo to this post today (Monday). I had to have DH hold it up for a picture. I am soooooo very pleased with how this turned out.
But what will I sew on now????

Now on to my own design...I was going to set them on point...didn't happen.
Then remembered my one big block that was an experiment that never made it to a big quilt. I was going to do a kitty size quilt but...the colors were all from the same scrap basket. Check them out...but they do not quite fit around the center block. But I did not discover this until I had sashed and sewn both sides on...reverse sewing was needed...
The center block was made from 2 1/2" HST. And my star blocks are made from 2" HST. But I made it work!!!

WHOHOOO!!!! Loving this...I have more blocks to add but needed to take a break. I sewed for 12 hours today. Hubby bought pizza so I did not have to cook. What a great man!!!

I love the stripe that I used as a spacer strip. It lends itself to so many projects. I do not know what I will do when it runs out!!! I reach for it so often.

I have four cats. And I take lots of pictures of them. But how often can I catch one with her tongue out??? Here is Bess's tongue!!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Subee's Stars progress

I am totally loving this block. There are lots of little pieces but then that is right up my scrappy alley.
These 12 were done this last weekend while sewing on Easy Street's Clue#2.

Today was a very sunny day if a tad cool. But the sunshine coming in really blinds me. So the blinds are closed. Yet those little flashes of light that creep in still give me fits. Come on winter weather...I want some cloudy snowy days please!!

So after a night event of cutting I now have 250 more HST units sewn. Hopefully I now have enough variety to finish this project.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Street Mystery Clue #2 complete

My Easy Street container is getting fuller and fuller. I am so very satisfied with my own color choice as well as Our Bonnie's color choices. It's a good thing that I am doing two colorways. Even if the units do not make it into two Easy Streets, they will get used.

I am starting a small drawered container unit with pre-cut HST and with pre-cut Companion Angle units. Can only increase my productivity!!!!!

And as I was cutting a couple days ago I began filling those drawers. The only unit I needed was the 2" triangle cut with the Companion Angle ruler. The rest are to feed the drawers!! WHOOHOOOT!!!!

I discovered, quite by accident a few years ago, that starting the strip with the EZ Angle ruler first, set up the angle correctly for the Companion Angle cut.

And I decided that I want a constant background in my own colorway of Easy Street. So I pressed and re-cut 10 more 2" strips. They are now sewn together and need pressed and sub-cut. Easy Peasy!!!