Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jamie's quilt from Loose Change book COMPLETE!

All done! I told you yesterday that it only needed 2 simple borders to finish it off. The amazing thing about this quilt is that I have no recipient in mind. It does seem masculine but then again I personally love blue and brown together! I usually do not make quilts without a person in mind for the quilt as a gift. I just loved the pattern so much that I jumped up and made it.
I feel real positive that when you are making something for someone you think good thoughts all while creating the object. Thus infusing it with your love/regard for the person.
The border came from my stash. Old, old, old that I know I washed and starched it before folding it away years ago. And I sure made a mess digging it out of it's stack when I spyed the corner of it. It has the blues and tans that are in the blocks. It is perfect. All the selvedge says is "The Alexander Henry Collection" with a copywright sign, no year or design #.
The measurement of this quilt is 70"X 85". Perfect for my home quilting frame set-up.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jamie's quilt from Loose Change book-more progress!

All 20 blocks have been made and assembled with the sashings/cornerstone squares. Now I have just 2 simple borders to add and the quilt will be complete.
When Hubby walked through the door tonight his surprise was heartening. I had told him I was not going to do the whole quilt even though I had everything cut for the complete quilt. I decided to not let those pieces languish in scrap heaven here and made the quilt to the size in the pattern. My leftovers are very minimal now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lisa's birthday quilt

My daughter #1 turned 39 today. So hard to believe that so much time has gone by since she was born. She passed right through me without any of my flaws. She is beautiful, blonde, petite, everything I am not!!!!!
Anyway, here she is with the back of the quilt that she totally loves. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite family movies and it is one of hers also. We draped the quilt over her clean Escape so I could get a pic of the back finally!

And here is the front of the quilt. The pattern is called White Chocolate. All my favorite tones of tans and creams. So subtle yet so very effective.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quilts on display at Karpeles Museum in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

My first version of Bonnie Hunter's mystery called Orange Crush.
My second version of the Orange Crush I called Chocolate Crush. My longarmer, Lisa Olinger, wants to call it Chocolate Cordial.

This is a Yellow Brick Road pattern with 4 pillow panels added by chance. I call this one Brick Road to Africa.

One of my long ago first quilts. I call this one Bali Stars. It is all made with batiks and was paper pieced. I hand quilted this with a spiderweb stencil. Love the effect!

Jamie's quilt from Loose Change book

I now have 9 of the 20 blocks made. They are getting easier and faster. In the beginning they seemed daunting! I did these on Friday.
Today (Sunday) I have 11 more block sections waiting to be pressed before final assembly.
There are 72 pieces in each block. I am glad I counted them AFTER I decided to make this block!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do you sliver trim?

Many years ago I did not take the time to do this much skipped step. My piecing was less than perfect as a result. It takes so much time but makes all the patches match up perfectly.
These are my finished trimmed units. Want to know how many there are?
240 cream/brown units
160 cream/blue units
160 brown/blue units
They finish at 2"...lots of little pieces.
Luckily for me Bonnie Hunter has given me lots of practice with tiny units!

Today I finished the trimming and made two blocks just to see how the pressing should be. I followed the pattern for the first block and did not like the result. So on the second block I changed all the pressing and the result was much more to my liking!

Here is a pic of the pattern. This book was a gift to me from my secret sister.
She sure has my # pegged!

And I also got the book "It's A Wrap". I had to really search my small town to find the correct clothesline but I did find it.