Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Prints Charming

One of my fellow guild members and close friend (Deb Heath) had made a lovely quilt and I saw it on her bed at the Project Linus retreat. Don't you know I simply had to have the pattern.

And here is my version. It still needs the borders done. I love the pattern and I also love the fabric. Kansas Winter by Moda dated 2009 from my deep stash.
I am using up my stash. Finding precious groups of fabrics to use.

Also my OCD kicked in making this quilt. And it worked well I must say. Some duplicates of fabrics but not close to each other. And I counted carefully to have even numbers of each print. I also added 4 fabrics that did not belong but "went".

And of course I found some butterfly fabric. I haven't a clue as to what I am doing with this. The fabric will tell me.

I did buy some fabric. Scrabble fabric!!! My Hubby plays Scrabble with his computer all day long. And I am going to have him make up the words for his own quilt. He does not have a Minkee backed quilt yet. But the darn expensive stuff does not come in his body size and width. I could try piecing it. I have done that one time. We will see.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sorting my 4-patches

I have signed up for the 4-patch swap on the on Yahoo groups.

I have 10 sets of ten blocks finished. All using Downton Abbey fabrics.
The swap hostess wants all the blocks pinned and added to a larger baggie.
Here are my sets.
I am thinking this will be very difficult for her to sort and no way for the swappers to ID their blocks.

Here is my idea: presort my ten blocks into unique sets before mailing. That way my name is in the package and the sorting is done for the hostess.

I am only trying to help and not to interfere with her hostessing.

And I am supporting the fight against breast cancer. I bought this lovely pink add a quarter ruler. I use this for paper piecing. Love the ruler. And I love pink!!

Today is a perfect day for sewing. 40 mph winds...light snow...-2 for the low tonight!
I am making barbeque spareribs, our garden green beans and baked potatoes.

Physically I am getting better day by day. Turns out I have microscopic colitis.
After a month of not being able to leave the house for "leaking" poop. I have had a colonoscopy with good results. But the month of no food getting absorbed has cost me 17#'s, very low potassium level (2.8) and a thyroid condition. I was not able to carry all the packages for the swaps because lifting anything caused leakage. Getting old sure sucks.
But I love my new doctor. She is "Indian" with long brown hair and a lovely accent. I have never had a woman doctor. I like her quiet but firm manner. I am thinking of making her a brown shawl with size 10 crochet thread. She would look lovely in it...

Happy Valentines' Day

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Making your 4-patches the same size.

Scrappy 101 asked me what my 4-patch size is. She says she is getting different sizes as she sews.
Here is what I do:

My 4-patch is 2 1/2" unfinished.
Since I did not cut the swapped squares there are always a few that are either too large or too small.
I have a measuring tape applied to the edge of my sewing cabinet. Mostly I can eyeball what a 1 1/2" square looks like. If the two patches are not the same size I lay them on the measuring tape. 
Too big is easy to fix with the scissors. I trim it .
Too small is another matter. I line up the outside edge of the too small square with the correct size square. If the difference falls inside the 1/4" seam I simply sew it that way. If it does not I throw it away.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sorting my 1 1/2" squares from 10 years of swapping on the Postage Stamp group.

Sorting my 1 1/2" squares from 10 years of swapping on the Postage Stamp group. I admit it. I am a hoarder of major proportions. I save almost everything as I may have a need of it later. Dear Hubby has broken me of saving plastic containers. But when he wants one I remind him of his teachings. HA!

I watched 10 episodes of Season 1 of Boardwalk Empire as I sorted my hoard of scrappy postage stamp squares. The bottom container here is full to the brim. (But there are more that are color sorted. I will explain later.)
The top round basket has only neutrals. We need to swap some of these this next year too!!

 Closer view of the neutrals. I had somewhat sorted them a couple of years ago. That little plastic basket fits right into a gallon baggie keeping them clean and together.

My first sorting venture. They are all below this...forgot to take a photo. I am making 16 patch blocks of all close in value patches. This warms my OCD heart. And the sorting is a humbling experience. You need a really good light.

Here are the first blocks made before I started sorting all the color squares. I wanted to see what these little blocks looked like. Love the blocks and love making them.

I made 5 blocks before I decided to just sort all of the squares. I filled a wastebasket three times with plastic bags. I also came across some sets that were sewn together as we used to swap them when I first started. They were difficult to swap as the thread always broke creating a mess.

And here is a birthday quilt for my Granddaughter Arika. Birthday is in March.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Quilt for Great grandson Lucas

And I had two what did I do? I made two quilts!!!

And folks we have evidence that Lucky and Bess are more than just our pets. They must like each other too!!!

And on a sad note. I have resigned from all the swaps I have been hosting for the last few years. (5?)
I need to regroup and spend time on my house and stop buying fabric. I always felt as if I needed to play more than once in these swaps and money was spent. I have great fabrics here and need to use them up.

Feeling free

After coming home from the WONDERFUL Project Linus retreat I felt as if I had been reborn.

I started going through my fabric drawers pulling out all my Civil War fabrics.
I love them so!!! Then I lost my mojo. But I did put them all into a plastic container. They are no longer scattered through my stash.

The only Mojo I have is making Project Linus quilts. But I did whip out a Hello Kitty (Minkee backing) for GDD Caitlyn's January birthday.

I have quilted two more quilts for PL.

The panels were given to current PL members. I was gifted a panel just before the retreat. The Bunny quilt was finished and donated at the retreat. The Bear quilt was finished here.

I have been wanting this print for eons. I remember when it first came out. I bought 8 yards. I will save it for a special quilt.
I started this quilt at the retreat. It was a Mystery quilt which I love doing. I finished it here. Still need to quilt this one.

Wonderful snowstorm this weekend. It was so bad that Hubby had to drive me to the specialist this morning. A lovely lady doctor. I felt comfortable with her from the moment we met. I have never had a female doctor before.