Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sorting my 4-patches

I have signed up for the 4-patch swap on the on Yahoo groups.

I have 10 sets of ten blocks finished. All using Downton Abbey fabrics.
The swap hostess wants all the blocks pinned and added to a larger baggie.
Here are my sets.
I am thinking this will be very difficult for her to sort and no way for the swappers to ID their blocks.

Here is my idea: presort my ten blocks into unique sets before mailing. That way my name is in the package and the sorting is done for the hostess.

I am only trying to help and not to interfere with her hostessing.

And I am supporting the fight against breast cancer. I bought this lovely pink add a quarter ruler. I use this for paper piecing. Love the ruler. And I love pink!!

Today is a perfect day for sewing. 40 mph winds...light snow...-2 for the low tonight!
I am making barbeque spareribs, our garden green beans and baked potatoes.

Physically I am getting better day by day. Turns out I have microscopic colitis.
After a month of not being able to leave the house for "leaking" poop. I have had a colonoscopy with good results. But the month of no food getting absorbed has cost me 17#'s, very low potassium level (2.8) and a thyroid condition. I was not able to carry all the packages for the swaps because lifting anything caused leakage. Getting old sure sucks.
But I love my new doctor. She is "Indian" with long brown hair and a lovely accent. I have never had a woman doctor. I like her quiet but firm manner. I am thinking of making her a brown shawl with size 10 crochet thread. She would look lovely in it...

Happy Valentines' Day


pkquilter said...

Reading about you feeling better makes me happy too! So true that growing older is not for sissies! We are lucky in the fact that we have a hobby we love with passion. Pauline Fisher

Judy Dietrich said...

Glad you are feeling better & is really fun to read your posts. Getting old is not fun, but I do like my new mindset about life. It is too short to worry about the small things!! Unless, they are scraps, of course!!

Betty said...

Sue, glad you are feeling better. We were all worried about you.
On sorting 4 patches (or any blocks) that is a great idea if there are lots of people swapping.

Nikki said...

Glad you found out what was going on and had it corrected. That is half the battle right there! You sound real up keep on.

Nikki from Quiltville

cityquilter grace said...

good news annoying problem to be glad to hear...