Monday, February 2, 2015

Quilt for Great grandson Lucas

And I had two what did I do? I made two quilts!!!

And folks we have evidence that Lucky and Bess are more than just our pets. They must like each other too!!!

And on a sad note. I have resigned from all the swaps I have been hosting for the last few years. (5?)
I need to regroup and spend time on my house and stop buying fabric. I always felt as if I needed to play more than once in these swaps and money was spent. I have great fabrics here and need to use them up.


scrappy101 said...

good to heard from you
love the mouse

Stacey said...

Hi Subee, I'm glad to see your post. You regroup and enjoy your fabric stash. I look forward to seeing your projects and progress.

Quilts hugs,

Stacey in NC

Chantal said...

Hi Subee. It's been quite awhile. So glad to have news from you again. Great mouse quilts. ;^)

Carolyn Sullivan said...

Good to see your Blog. I'm finding it hard to get time in sewing too. Everyday seems to be another busy do this and that day.

ajsgramie said...

Suebee so glad to see you posting again. Been a bit worried about you. Yes it is time to sit back and enjoy your fabrics. Time to sew when you want and have fun.
Upstate NY

Jem-fl said...

Please keep sharing your projects, we all have to much fabric!

Mary D said...

subee- thank you for the years of swapping. You did a wonderful job. It gave me a headache just thinking about all of those little packets!

Perhaps you will have more time to blog. Hint, hint. I enjoy your posts.

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Unknown said...