Monday, September 19, 2011

Smith Mountain Morning Star points

I must apologize for retreating from all of you again.
I lost my oldest cat last week (September 10th) and on top of all the other deaths this year I feel "dumped on".
Hopefully I am back and will be better everyday!
I need all of you!
 I have all the star points sewn. But only got one picture to the camera. I also have all the corners made. After all the sewing I moved my sewing machine around to face the picture window. The summer sun is just too bright for my eyes. The angle of the sun I guess. I have been so very sensitive to light for the last few months. I rarely get headaches. But now I seem to get them when I get a flash of light from a reflection outside or even from my monitor. Guess I need to get a checkup...
 The Yahoo group "quiltvilleswap" has all been returned to the swappers. A few have posted that their packages arrived today! Hurray!!!
Now I need to decide what these swappers want to swap next...any ideas?
 I made myself a new ironing board cover. I get so excited and pleased by the smallest things. I could not wait to try it out. So I had to get up after going to bed and pressed some quilt units. Aren't I silly?
 Here is Bonnie Hunter's BowTie pattern done with Kona Snow as the background. The Cheddar one is coming along fine too.
How many quilts do I have going right now?
  1. Cheddar BowTie (L&E)
  2. Kona Snow BowTie (L&E)
  3. A Face Book mystery all in Batiks (ready for assembly)
  4. Smith Mountain Morning (still assembling units)
  5. Jamestown Landing (all string blocks are made)
  6. and I need to make and gift 5 quilts in the next 2 months and what I am working on is NOT them! long do you think this 5000 yard spool of thread will last? I have been using it off and on for a year. I use it for paper-piecing. I use a 90/14 needle for PP and the thread flows through it great. It is a little coarse for my 80/12 piecing needles that I use all the time.

Memories...this was made for our Camp Mack retreat 2 years ago by Teri F. Our Bonnie Hunter was attending and teaching. What great memories...
 My oldest (and newly rediscovered) friend Victoria has in her possession a Crazy Quilt with the date of 1752. She calls it her "Susie Quilt". The fabrics are all very fragile. She is hoping to sell it.
Any ideas on what she should ask? It is a large twin size. There are no bad smells. But it is fragile.

Victoria's hand...a very talented hand too!


Elaine Adair said...

NEW ironing board covers are such an emotional lift!!! I NEED to do mine -- I need the lift as well.

I'm sorry about your kitty - wish they would live as long as we do. They sure do make space in our hearts, don't they?

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I am sooo sorry to hear about your cat. I know exactly how that feels. Mine got sick, dropped her off at the vet on Valentines day to get her checked out, I ended up putting her to sleep instead of getting a prescription filled like I thought. She had severe kidney failure. Never seen it coming. It is OK to cry about it, it helps cleanse your soul. I am glad you are continuing you with what you love at the same time, that helps heal too. Hang in there, it does get better.

regan said...

I'm so sorry you lost your sweet little kitty......that is so hard to take. They are such a pleasure to have and love, and they give us so much.....give your other kitties extra extra helps.

And I'm loving your's beautiful!

Janet O. said...

We've missed you--glad to have you back.
Your bowties look great. Now maybe you ought to squeeze in some of those gift quilts you need to get made. : )

Teri said...

Glad to see you are well. Sorry to hear about your kitty. Love that you still have your name tag. Love how your bow ties look. I started a bow tie quilt many years ago, and now I am working on finishing it.

Kay said...

So sorry you lost your kitty. Love your bow ties!

Leanne said...

Sorry to read about your cat ((HUGS)) they worm their way into your heart & family don't they.
Nice to see you back in blog land
Love Leanne