Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leader and Ender cutting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the EZ rulers. I have ALL of them. (of course!) I think it was Bonnie Hunter who showed this little cutting trick to avoid throwing away a perfectly good slice of fabric. When I use the Companion Angle ruler I prep the strip by using the Easy Angle ruler to make the first cut. That way I have a perfectly useable HST and the angle is all set up for the Companion Angle. I was cutting my QST for Smith Mountain Morning I was also cutting my HST for Jamestown Landing. Too cool...Leader and Ender cutting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I have all my Brown Stars done for Smith Montain Morning.
 And I worked most of the day (plus doing LOADS of laundry) and have my QST all done for Smith Mountain Morning. Did I tell you I love the Easy Angle rulers? All the units went together so smoothly. They are all the same size and I love the blue/brown combination. Thanks again to all the Yahoo Swappers.
Without them I would never have this great variation of fabrics in this and future quilts!
 Aren't they precious? Another little tip...I always make a few more of whatever I am working on. That way I do have some leeway if I do not like a certain color combination. Like that rust color...I am not sure it plays nice. We will see when I get closer to final assembly.
And check out my nice new, clean and smooth ironing board cover.
I was able to cut all my logs today too.
 And I cut all my muslin 1 1/2" squares. I have the first brown logs on my QST's.  I will sew all the squares to the blue logs tomorow in a Mindless Sewing Marathon.
My favorite way to sew.
I do need to slip in to see my doctor to get stitches removed. I had a small surgery on my forehead. (along my hairline...boy! does Prell shampoo ever sting!)
No appointment needed to remove stitches.
 I pre-ordered another new book from another of my favorite quilt designers, Judy Martin. And it came this week and is autographed!!!!She is as friendly and easy to contact as our Bonnie. I have made several of her quilts and the pictures are posted on her website. (


Janet O. said...

You are always so organized! No wonder you get so much accomplished. Thanks for the tip with the Easy Angle rulers. I have them, I just don't know all of the tricks with them.
Your quilts will be great--love the fabrics (and I think that rust will give it some sparkle). I am really interested in your new book. I will have to look into that one!

Elaine Adair said...

Dang it Sue - I thought I'd already bought all the Must-Have quilt books and now you mentioned yet another I really must have! I'll hurry up on this comment so I can get to her spot!!!

You are wonderfully organized. I love the EZ rulers because the tic marks are eazy to read. 8-))) Your Smith Mountain is looking goooood! Enjoy.

Funny - I made a new board cover yesterday. It's always such an improvement - lightens my spirit.

scraphappy said...

You got so much done! It must feel great to be able to dig in and power through so much in a day. The colors look fabulous.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

another super sewer, I love it. I love to get lots done all at once. They still make Prell shampoo??? WOW. It has been at least 30 years since I had seen or heard of Prell. You sent me down memory lane.

regan said...

LOVE the Smith Mountain Morning block......beautiful!

Linda said...

Thanks for that great tip! I love the fabric you are using!

Sarah said...

Sue - I love the hint about leader/ender cutting. I'll be helping to teach a BOM class at my LQS using the easy angle, etc and will remember to add your tip. Thanks!!!