Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Virginia Star quilt and success with making bread!

 I quilted this monster on my DSM.  The pattern is by Bonnie Hunter of and is in her first book that is called Scraps and Shirtails. I used all batiks. I quilted it in three sections and then joined them. The seams hit the edges of the mattress perfectly and that makes bed making easy. I used wool batting and this quilt is warm without being too heavy!
 In between clues I have been aimlessly wanting to sew "something"!!!! I made these little units maybe 10 years ago and never joined them into a quilt top. I saved them in clean strawberry boxes. Love 'em...easy to open and easy to see what is inside. Well...took care of that in two days worth of sewing. The top is now a satisfying 36X39". just need a small border and I can call this one done!
 I really am in love with this top now. Why do we (me) I sew units and then set them aside. Poor little units are 3.5" and wanted to be sewn together so bad!

Just a little closeup photo for you!

While making the string blocks in clue#3 I generated lots of little scraps too big to throw away. They get saved in this neat plastic container next to my machine. Hubby brought this gome from the hardware store. He knows I like plastic containers! Most of my Pineapple Block's  little centers came from this container.
 I have 60 string blocks made. I planned on making 60 more but I want the second quilt from Bonnie's Mystery to use smaller know a miniature I am waiting to see more clues before I committ myself.
 I loved the process. String piecing this way really dulls your needle. And makes lots of lint.
Can you see my mega spool of thread on the machine? It is ginormous. I do not know where I bought it and would love to have more in this ecomomy size. It was probably bought on E-Bay. Sigh! I need to keep records on my thread collection too!
Messy sewing area!

 Baby in the basket and Bess next to her. They are half sisters from a feral cat colony that does not exist anymore. Their markings are the same but on opposite toes etc. And Baby is short haired and Bess is long haired. They are both the sweetest cats in the world.
 Hubby is laid off from his job and for once in my life I do not have to shovel the snow! WHOOOHOOO! Warm and cozy feelings watching him battle the elements.
 And the cats enjoyed watching Hubby shovel.
 Pictured are (from left to right) MaggieMae, Bess and Macy.
 This is the second swap I have participated in being hosted by Bingo-Bonnie on HGTV. She takes such care in her sorting and shipping back. She is not going to be swapping anylonger. SO sorry to hear that. These  4.5" units can be worked into many of Bonnie's patterns.
 Another project waiting on Clue#4 was using up the scraps from my This &That pattern. Cute little blocks to make. It does not take much fabric at all.
 This fabric is sooooooo beautiful. I still have little scraps left...Hummmmmmmm

I made 9 little blocks. I am still deciding on sash fabrics.

 I bit the bullet and Hubby and I bought ourselves a Christmas present.
A new Bread Machine by West Bend. It makes a loaf that looks like a real loaf of bread. There are two kneading paddles. But boy is it ever big (but not heavy). It takes up some valuable space on my counter. But I love it anyway!
 I turn it sideways to fill and then move it back to do it's work. It is quiet and keeps quite cool even while baking.
 The end result....a wheat/blend bread. Yummy and perfect!
 I also bought one of those acrylic bread boxes. The loaf fits perfect!
Raisin Bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kate said...

What a wonderful post! I love all the stuff you've done - but that black and white beauty is my favourite. Those little blocks must be soooo cute!!!

Jan said...

I enjoyed seeing all of your projects. A messy sewing area means you are getting lots accomplished! Don't you love BH&G magazine? This pattern, in particular, is really a great one.

Melodie said...

By any chance did you buy the thread from I have some from them that look like that. Your quilts are beautiful. I haven't even started my string blocks for the RRCB mystery yet.

Diane said...

great post. the bread looks so good!

Linda said...

Loved everything about your post. Pics were great. Love me some kitties!! Quilts and blocks were all gorgeous. Sewing room looks a lot like mine! LOL!

julieQ said...

OH, I loved reading your wonderful post! I just really love your Bonnie quilts...I am such a fan too. Your nine blocks? I have one done and a quilt on my to do list too!! Isn't the new mystery just such fun??

Connie said...

A great post! love you quilts and projects your working on and your sewing room looks like a busy room! We got a loaf of home made bread this week for a gift and it looks real good so enjoy your bread i know it will be good too! Have a bless day!

JudyCinNC said...

Great Post Subee - DWH and I have not brought a bread machine on purpose - we both love home-made bread and if we had a machine I would make it every other day. Love your quilts - you accomplish so much - I am just feel right now that I am spinning my wheels and not getting anything done. Maybe tomorrow.
Judy C

Anonymous said...

Subee you are amazing! How you get so much done. I had to rewind my bobbin 5 times while making the string blocks for Bonnie's mystery and I had dust, paper and scraps everywhere, lol.

Love the B&W quilt and the light/dark layout. I'm also accumulating a lot of scraps with my This & That BOM quilt and now I have an idea for them--thanks to you.
BTW--I can smell your bread from here--yumm.

Gail :)

hared said...

Loving those black and whites. Now I will have to make some of those 9 patches too.

Anonymous said...

This was such a fantastic and fun post to read and see so many photos! Loved it! Your Virginia Bound is fantastic! OH...and love, love the blocks for Odds & Ends...I have that pattern an just seeing your blocks makes me want to move that one up on my list! Darling kitties...always make for good post! OH...and I get a chuckle how your inside washing hubby shovel that snow! (you trained well...hee!!)

Helen in the UK said...

The Virginia Star looks beautiful - congrats on your finish and all quilted on your DSM too! You have so many other projects on the go my head is spinning!!! Enjoy :)

Teri said...

Love those little churn dashes. I had to run to the library and get that magazine. If you think your area is messy, you need to see my studio. Love the black and white quilt.

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

My bread machine is at last 25 years old. I'm pretty positive there have been some improvements since then :) I only use it to make the dough, then I pop the dough into regular bread pans, let it raise and then bake it in the regular oven.

You've been ultra productive while waiting for clues ;) I'm just off to start on two sets of 600 hsts!

seasons best, hope HimSelf's layoff is just temporary.

Dionne said...

Wow, you are so productive. I can't believe you've finished your 60 string blocks! I've finished.... well, much less than that. Your finished Virginia Star is wonderful!

Lane said...

Love the little b/w blocks and how you put them together. And, I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one with a messy sewing area during those string blocks. Lane

regan said...

Awesome post! I love the Virginia Star quilt....fabulous! And the mini b/w 9 patches are my next are so inspiring! I have been hoarding b/w fabrics for years, just waiting for the right yours!

Marilyn said...

Lovely bread. Love that acrylic bread keeper.

antique quilter said...

I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing what your working on .
YOu get so much done!
Love the Virginia Star quilt that would be great to make from my scrap baskets :)

oh the Bread looks wonderful
thats something I have wanted to try for a long time
so your really happy with this bread machine?
what other types have you tried so far?
I hate shoveling snow too
I love the snow though!
we had some more on Friday,its so pretty and a big storm coming on Tuesday!