Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sewing on a Nascar weekend

I am following the Nascar race.
 And I have my trusty water bottle at my side.
It says "Put Your Foot Down and QUILT!"
How appropriate!

This is a bonus quilt made from leftovers of the Wind It Up! fabric.
This was from the quilt made for Great Grandson #2.
 More Project Linus quilts made this weekend.
This one has the pink 9-patches in the lead.
 This one has the blue 9-patch in the lead.
These finish at 36" X 45"...perfect size for Project Linus.
 I changed my "anti scale cartridge" in my Reliable Digital Velocity iron. It was very easy to do. But I do not know if I needed to do it. It is behaving oddly. The burst of steam feature that is triggered by movement is not working. I have to push the steam button off and then back on to get the steam happening.
Any ideas what is going on? This iron was great at the beginning. And a few friends have bought these on my personal recommendation. Ouch! If I was wrong.
My blue 2 1/2" strips for the Quiltvilleswap group on yahoo!


JudyCinNC said...

We have Nascar on in the background and SIL is lucky enough to be there since last Thursday. He and his Dad have a time share just for that week.

I debated joining the swap, but had not used any of the last two I participated in, so sat this one out.

I have a Shark iron which is doing the same thing - have to hit the button to get steam - and I have not a clue what the problem is. Wish I did.
Judy C

regan said...

Lovely quilts, Sue.....they're beautiful.

Idaho Quilter said...

Wasn't it a great finish at Daytona, it will go down in Nascar history. I had to move my sewing into the living room to watch.

I like the song your husband wrote, I hope he gets it published.

How do you find the swaps you belong too?

Anonymous said...

Wow Subee, you blow me away--you finished that so quickly and it's just beautiful.

Gail :)