Friday, October 21, 2011

Working on Jamestown Landing

I love back to school time. Even better is Clearance BTS sales!
I bought 10 of these cute little pink pencil boxes.
They fit my 1 1/2" squares as well as these 2 1/2" HST for Bonnie Hunter's Jamestown Landing quilt that was in the Australian magazine.
It only took a few hours of cutting to give me way more than what I needed to begin sewing. I had cut the 2 1/2" strips when that magazine first came out. I slipped them into a big baggies and saved them for the next quilt. I had even done the math to figure how many strips I needed to get the 840 units I needed. I added a few more for mistakes and ended up with this lovely container full of units!

 And then I surprised myself. I was all ready to dig through the swap fabrics from Smith Mountain Morning. When I opened that large container I found my results from the Leader/Ender cutting I had mentioned a few posts back. They were all ready for me! WHOOOHOOOO!
 I am so very lucky that I am detail oriented. It makes scrap sewing so much easier!!!!
 Here I am all ready to sew. The picture for oggling at, full containers of units and a rainy cool day for watching the squirrels and chipmunks fight over the birdfeeder. They are so funny. The cats just watch the birds and squirrels. But when the chipmunks come to the feeder my cats go crazy! Guess they must look tastey!
 Since I am OCD about being an organized quilter, I have a small basket behind the machine to catch the HST. I clip between "like" fabrics. Some of the blues had only 4 cuts. But some also had 10 or more. I want them to be scattered in the quilt, so if I keep track of them now, I can be sure that they stay scattered when I begin the row assembly.
I already have the string blocks made. And the ladies from my guild have donated more phone books to my collection. I remove the spine and cut them down to the best size depending on the original size of the phonebook page. And remember...they are already numbered so you will know how many pages you have! WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!!
And here is my sweet Pearl relaxing in her custom made Michael Miller fabric catbed. She did have her paw stretched out before I went for the camera. Of course she then moved. Her eyes are the palest blue and I swear she has eyelashes. Ole' bedroom eye Pearl. Hubby calls her "Pick on me Pearl". Macy runs her off. Just because...Macy is (at times) a big bully!


Janet O. said...

Would you come organize my sewing area for me? Maybe you could help me find the acrylic mini tumbler template I just bought on Tuesday and can't find anywhere!
I didn't think I was that messy, but after losing that template and then seeing your organization I've decided I need to reform!

Angie said...

I am green with envy over your organizational skills. Could you come over and teach me how to become even a BIT organized? :) I love how you have your squares and HST cut and ready to sew. I also love the colors you're using.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You're way ahead of me on Jamestown Landing. I have the magazine and good intentions but that's as far as it's gotten so far. I have a few projects yet to finish up for Show 'N Tell at our Quilt Club Christmas potluck in about 10 days, then squash to can and the insides of kitchen cabinet doors to finish. One of these days I'll pull out the blue and neutral fabrics to see what I have and go from there. I just love that quilt.

regan said...

I rushed right out after your last post, and bought several of those back-to-school sale containers! You are so right, they are the perfect size! Thanks so much for the great idea! I'm keeping one for my on-the-go hand sewing project....I'm finding everything in a wad when I use ziplock baggies for it. This will keep the pieces nice and flat! :o)

Brigitte said...

such a beautiful cat!!! and my compliments, you are very well organized

Pat said...

A great tip about the smaller containers for little 1 1/2" 9 patch units for a current quilt are floating everywhere in a large tote box...not good!

Blogging with quilters sure is inspiring - we learn so much from each other. Thank you for sharing.

Jo said...

Enjoy sewing JTL. I loved it. I finished up my top and am piecing a scrappy backing for it. I am so hoping to get it in the quilt machine this week. You are SO much more organized than I am.

Kats Studio said...

That's a great idea. I was looking at the photos and noticed behind the boxes, what I thought were drapes, is that fabric? If so I'm jealous.

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh there is something about an organized batch of fabric scraps that just makes me want to go sew!