Thursday, May 16, 2013

I won a mug & magazine & my 64 patch Butterfly quilt!

I was flabbergasted when I received the e-mail that I had won the volume 7 of the Quiltmaker magazine and one of the precious mugs!!!
Hubby has been laughing at me for the excitement I felt when the mug arrived. I currently have it right next to me at the sewing machine. Nothing is in it yet but a pair of scissors. But I can see it all day long!

I have been sewing up a storm. I know I should be working on my applique' project. But the sewing machine has really been my companion for the last 4 days.
DD#1 collects butterflies. And I bought this fabric many many years ago. I did not like the border on it at all. So I cut it all off...much better. Then began to cut the blocks down to a usable size.
DD#1's birthday is in July so I am getting a head start on getting this sewn. I still need to add a border. I will use the brown fabric that is the 64-patch.
I LOVED making these 64 patch blocks. I used 1 1/2" squares. I did not sew them in strips but made them each individually. DH is still laughing about the mug and how this was too much work for an 8 1/2" block.

And the neutral I used just seems to glow. I am determined to use the neutral all up. It has the painted texture that is hard to sew through. I did not know that when I bought it online a million years ago. I sure do love shopping my stash!!

Here is the first one I made...only 40" square. But still quite pretty.
Hubby does not like the green butterfly fabric I used. He says it is baby shit green.
MEN!!! I need to love it as I have 10 yards of it!!! It will be used!!!



regan said...

Your butterflies are oh so pretty! Beautiful job! And congrats on the mug!!! I'd be smiling, too! :o)

pcflamingo said...

10 yards of baby shit green sounds like enough for the backs of a few quilts :D

Andee said...

I won a mug last go round (or the one before that) and LOVE it too. It is like a club of us lucky winners (and the talented designers). Congrats on your win!