Monday, August 19, 2013

My Janome 6600P has died.

I was innocently sewing along and my Janome 6600P started squeaking (high pitched) and then the warning sign came on and she froze up.
I opened her up and could not see what was wrong. The handwheel could barely move. I clean the bobbin area every two bobbins. I am OCD that way.
The quilt I was working on needed to be done ASAP.
So I got my Singer XL1000 embroidery machine out and finished the quilt.
Not fun as the features I love on the Janome do not exist on the Singer.

Today I took her to the dealer for an exam and hopefully a repair that will not cost an arm and a leg. It will be 10 days before I hear from them. Bummer. And I was bowled over with sticker shock on the new Janome 8900.

So...I set up my 1932 Featherweight (her name is Sissy). She fits in the cabinet almost perfectly. And I can maintain a good 1/4" seam width with her.
I oiled and greased her and she is purring away.

Lucky "helping" me quilt on the Singer XL1000.

We are all in love with those thread doilies. I whipped up one for me in less than an hour. Easy peasy. My first love has always been crochet.

Unfortunately Lucky Lucy has found the design wall. Not good...not good!
These leftover "wrong" blocks from my Dancing 9-patch fit this panel perfectly. So I have a bonus quilt that will go to GGS's brother in October.

Hubby likes this design. I am not sure. I want it to be much bigger as I have made 82 blocks and this is only 36 of them.

I like the Straight Furrows set. Much easier to make bigger...

Evidence that the older kitties are accepting Lucky Lucy. This is Bess. I do not know who was there first. I guess it does not matter.


Michelle said...

Oh, I would be sad if my Janome 6600 failed. Please keep us updated.

the ark said...

Ooohh, your story about your Janome just gave me the chills as I have the same model! I feel your pain as I love my "baby" and could not live without her beautiful stitches. Hope all goes well with your machine and doesn't cost you all the money in your wallet!
Give the kitties a chin-rubbing for me!

Helen Rose said...

I also have a problem with a loud squeak on my Janome 6600p. I notice that your post is dated in Aug. 2013. Just wonder how that repair went as I am getting ready to bring mine in to have it serviced. I fortunately do not have the freezeup problem. I love this machine.

Helen in CT

SubeeSews said...

All was fixed only with a tuneup price. Was a thread caught where I could not get to.