Friday, October 4, 2013

I am back!!!! Shirts galore!

I am the hostess on Yahoo's Quiltvilleswap.
We are swapping shirt sleeves from 100% cotton mens shirts.
I was not playing as I already have a large stash of fabrics.
I was sure I did not need to start a collection of cotton shirts.
But after half of the players' packages arriving, and me drooling over the wonderful variety, I had to play a little.
So, I bought 10 shirts and packed them up to play.

Then Lynn D.'s package arrived with 60 sleeves...oh my such beautiful fabrics...
So I went back to Goodwill today and bought 20 more shirts.
And here are all 30 shirts totally "de-boned". The sleeves are all packaged for the swap.

I made sure I only picked browns, grays and rust colors as it seems the majority of the sleeves arriving have been in the blue family.

But I did buy a wild blue paisley shirt that reminded me of John Travolta. HA!

I have the cuffs all gathered in a separate bag. The collars all together and the plackets all together.

The collars were in a nice pile before I took the picture. But Lucky wanted to play in the fabrics so I let her plow through the collar pile. She is so fabric oriented. But then so am I and she is my constant companion. I guess some of it is bound to rub off on this newest addition to our kitty family.

In my spare time when I am not sewing and not knitting I turn to my favorite thread hobby. Crochet...this doily is almost done. Just need to weave in the thread ends.


scrappy101 said...

I missed you!! Glad you are back.
Glad you are well, shirts look fabulous, I may have to check out your site.

scrappy101 said...

missed you, glad to see you back.

janequiltsslowly said...

Hi Suebee: Is it too late to join the swap? Your picture just makes me want to hit the thrift shops. I have about 5 shirts that I could de-bone and send in the sleeves. Would that count for 10 in the swap?

Daisy said...

Missed you too. Glad to see you back. How can I get involved in the Quiltville Swaps? I know it is too late for this one and I don't have the time right now for shirts. Hopefully when I retire sometime in 2015. Daisy

SubeeSews said...

Daisey I cannot reply to you as I do not have your e-mail. Go to the quiltville site and follow the links to Yahoo