Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Camp Mack Retreat with Bonnie

Here is our Bonnie in her glory. She is such a fine and patient teacher. She traveled all around to every sewer to make sure they were clear what to do with her instructions.
My machine and work on the Batik Star Struck I am making.

Bonnie was right next to me while she sewed. When we arrived on Friday we plugged in my MP3 player and maxed out on music we BOTH love. When I asked her if she knew of Nanci Griffith she jumped up and hugged me saying she had every album of Nanci's. I do too. We sang and sewed Friday away. She was so tired from traveling but she look lovely to me. Her blue eyes were so bright and friendly. And friends....she is skinny! She eats all the right foods and exercises everyday. That is dedication!
The candle ceremony Bonnie mentioned on her blog brought tears to all our eyes. And I was doubly honored by having Bonnie light my candle! Sigh! She is so wonderful!
I do not want to wash my truck. Bonnie sat in the passenger seat. Precious memories for me. And the gravel dirt on my truck reminds me of the campground. I may never wash it!

Yes, laughter was the rule for the weekend. And machines hummed into the wee hours.

This is right outside one of the rooms we sewed in. Camp Mack had received tons of rain the week prior and everything was very wet. It also rained after we arrived on Friday. There went my hair...all frizz! Oh well...I wanted to sew.

Waterfall from a spring right off a path. Lovely sound that water made as it played down those stones.

I tasted the water. It was a sulfur water spring. I had no stomach problems after tasting.

We went to a diner that was like or was a old train pullman train car. Very tight spaces inside but the service was great and the food even better.

That is me in the pink shirt. Gezzzzz....I need to lose some weight. Oh well...fat and very happy!

Teri made all our nametags from Maverick Stars with our names inside! Lovely momento of the retreat. I also bought a great mug at the giftshop.

This was Bonnie and my setup on Friday before the others arrived. She is working on blocks for her next book. I will not spill the beans Bonnie. You can trust me not to spoil it for you and your loyal fans!


Kim said...

Oh lucky you! It looks like a great time....show us what you made while there.
Welcome home, I hope you are all refreshed.

Happy Sewing

Lane said...

You were so lucky to get to spend so much time with the Grand Dame of quilting. What a VIP you must feel like. I'm glad you enjoyed the retreat. It looks like it was great fun. Lane...Oh, and I love Nanci, too. Great voice!

Quilter Kathy said...

How fun! Thanks for posting...makes me feel almost like I was there too!

bingo~bonnie said...

what a great post - funny how you may never wash your truck again... reminds me of my first kiss on the cheek at a school dance.. LOL

and lucky you to be sewing neighbors with THE Bonnie! and preview some of her next book quilts in the makings ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Angela said...

What an awesome time you must have had! I am looking up the music you mentioned. I had not heard of her. Thank you for sharing your adventure.