Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Star Struck progress

I have oddles of extra triangles by sewing double when adding the squares. I took these blocks to the guild meeting last night and trimmed them all. I had two containers and managed to keep the pink and light ones totally seperated. Love being organized!
I can tell that I will want to make Bonnie's Star Struck in several color versions. At retreat this weekend I am doing the pattern all in batiks with a consistant background.

Baby and Bess in the background doing some bird, squirrel or chipmunk watching!

Love this already. I had to stop...want to sew on this at the retreat too. So I put it away though it keeps calling to me.


Elaine Adair said...

Oh gosh, purtyn purty, purty! 8-))) I knew it would be.

Anonymous said...

These are looking lovely...makes me want to pull out my strips and start one!

Karen said...

I like your color combo.

Anonymous said...

My 2nd visit....just had to come and see these again. I'm really like it!