Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby and Bess two versions of tortie cats

Here is a picture of my 20#plus Baby. Honest, when she was young she was so small! It was all the bottle feeding I am sure. She was really too young to leave her feral Momma...my daughter caught her in a wood pile when her Momma was moving the kittens. She is colored like the Momma but Momma had long fur like Bess. You have to get ferals young to really tame them. She is beyond tame. She has a fetish for chewing rubber (baby bottles) edges of cardboard boxes, my pages of patterns, any spool of thread left out, stray strings on fabric and plastic of any kind from bags to containers.
Her fur is real short and very thick. She has little pink toes and a lovely tiny meow. She loves to ride on my shoulder. And at times attempts to leap to my shoulder with less than perfect results. She is not agile as when she was little. She has knocked me over and often rakes me with her nails by accident. I try to anticipate her leaps...she has a lots of signals. Love her to death!
Bess came from the same feral cat colony 2 years later. Hubby caught her when she was 5 months old. She tamed down to a point. We cannot carry her. She freaks out. But she loves to lay on our laps! At the vet's she is still feral...an event to be sure. She is small and long furred like the feral Momma. She and Baby have the same markings but in reverse! You can see the pink toes in front are left on Baby and right on Bess. And Bess weighs a demure 6#'s.
Sadly or not the feral cat colony is now gone. No more to rescue. I have 5 indoor only cats. Guess that is enough for loving!


Lane said...

We rescued a feral litter about three years ago, adopted out three and kept two (the biggest and the smallest). We also caught the mama and had her fixed, and adopted her out, so no more strays for us either. Yours are beautiful! Lane

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

One of my cats loves plastic too. She will sit and lick trash bags or grocery bags for the longest time. I have a couple decorative sofa pillows that sound like there's a layer of plastic in the inner pillow and she loves laying on them and kneading them. Silly cat!!