Monday, August 17, 2009

Progress on Christmas Lights in rainy Indiana

I love machine quilting and I love my cats. The problem is they will not wait until I am done with the quilting. Pictured are MaggieMae and Macy. My two torties.
I am all ready for the third installment of Bonnie Hunter's newest mystery. The pattern is called Christmas Lights. The fabrics I decided on will make this quilt be called Autumn lights. The gold is all leaves. The green is pinecones and evergreens. The brown is all pinecones. Yep! Autumn it is! My favorite time of to Winter.

I still have good ties to my ex's family. His nephew just became a father to identical twin boys. The babes were early so they are still in the NICU. I made matching quilts for them. So far they can only be identified by their little bands. They are really identical! I plan on embroidering their names on the quilts before giving them to the lucky parents.

All done. I used chalk to mark the straight lines. Easy peasy quilting.

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SewCalGal said...

Absolutely beautiful.

I also love the photo of your cat & quilt. Of course, I love cats & quilts!