Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cats and Baskets and a silly squirrel

Can you see the white fuzz in the feeder? The fuzz is some of MaggieMae's fur from a brushing done outdoors. This squirrel (I do not know the sex yet) is one of Stubby's last litter. She showed three of them all her territory and is running off all the other squirrels. Anyway, this baby squirrel has a weird habit. It stuffs all that fur into it's mouth and runs around with it. Then drops it into the feeder, eats a bit and then grabs up the fuzz and runs some more. I think instinct is telling it to gather warm nest lining materials...but it has not figured out how to build a nest yet. So Stubby still has more work to do on these youngin's. They are still afraid of me when I step outside. Stubby comes to get her peanuts and they watch. Maybe they will tame down and maybe not. Only time will tell.
I moved this basket close to the front door in anticipation of filling it with candy treats for Halloween. Bess and Baby have claimed it. They are so much alike.

And here is my big Baby enjoying her turn in the basket.

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