Sunday, October 4, 2009

Maiden Grass: "gracillimus miscanthus sinensis"

Finally I have some plumes from my lonely clump of grass. This was planted last year and I feared it had died during all the snow and ice storms this last winter season. But it survived and actually thrived this summer. It produced these few plumes last week. I feel like a proud mother as Hubby does all the outside stuff...but I dug this hole and planted the grass myself. (well he helped with the digging) And even though our water costs have tripled, I faithfully watered my grass almost every morning.


Pokey said...

I like your clump! *smile* Really, the first time I saw one of these planted at a house on our street, it seemed to stay ugly for the longest time. When it finally took off, I decided it was worth the wait, just like yours!

Kim said...

Love ornamental next year it will be established and you won't have to do anything but watch it grow after you cut it down in the early spring. I enjoy mine so much especially since the deer leave them alone!

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