Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dustin's Irish Chain & the chipmunks are awake!

Grand daughter Arika's boyfriend deserves a quilt. He admires all of my sewing. And he loves my Arika. As I said, he deserves a quilt. The border fabric will totally make this quilt his. The fabric has deer and Autumn colors. Dustin's BD is in June. I am on time!
I made this in two days. One day of a classroom sewing and the next day home finishing it up. My table vibrated when I or my table mate sewed. It was very annoying. Plus the room was way too warm. It was a rainy windy day...perfect for staying home and sewing.
Baby, Macy and MaggieMae waiting for a treat. They all love that barstool! I sometimes move it in front of the door so they can get an elevated view.

The chipmunks are out of hibernation mode. These little critters empty my bird feeders as fast as I can fill them. But this one was eating not storing. He/it still looks sleepy. And one of my sparrows was watching his closely.

Back view of the stool sitting waiting on treats. I caught MaggieMae yawning!


Connie said...

A pretty quilt, a good job on making it. enjoy the pics. of the cats and chipmunks! HAPPY SEWING!

Teri said...

Glad you made it back safely. Your quilt looks very nice. Enjoy the sun today.

Kim said...

So have you been working on your Amish challenge?
I've been working away and hope to finish the top today.
I was just wondering what you have come up with.....since I love looking at all your creations :0)

Love those kitties.......

Happy Sewing

Rose Marie said...

Nice quilt and that pattern is so quick to do. Love the photo of your pals waiting for treat time.

Unknown said...

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