Friday, March 26, 2010

Postage Stamp Swap & Star of Hope's progress

I am all done swapping out the 20 envelopes each containing 1,250 - 1 1/2" fabric squares. I know that sounds like a tremedous #. But to the swappers this is a treasure beyond measure!
It did take me two days to make sure each envelope had their proper # of patches to be returned to them. And not any of their own going back to them of course!
Here they are all sealed and ready for the post office. MaggieMae helped me tape them all closed. So, if you find some long white hairs in the tape, thank MaggieMae.I planned on mailing them today, BUT Amanda started her labor yesterday a month early. I am not at the hospital but am waiting here at home anxiously. Because of the H1N1 scare, I am not allowed in the labor room. Bummer as I have witnessed all these births!

I did get the Star of Hope to final border stage yesterday. Hubby graciously held this quilt up for me to take a picture of it. It is great to have a tall strong hubby.
Crochet patterns for the two baby afghans are in a Leisure Arts booklet published in 2003 called Pineapple Afghans for Baby. And another book published in 2001 called Keepsake Baby Afghans.


Karen said...

I like the 60 degree triangles that surround each star block.

Connie said...

very pretty quilt.

Helen in the UK said...

The Star of Hope is wonderful. Good luck with all your swapping :)

Rose Marie said...

Your Star of Hope is beautiful! Your afghans are lovely and it is so sad that not many hand made gifts are made anymore.

I usually give just a wee pinch of catnip to my girls and it is amazing to see how high one of them goes. They get it twice a day and Ashes comes and bugs me in the morning and at night for her fix.

Quilter Kathy said...

ANother fabulous quilt! WOW! Love the colours you picked!

Denise said...

The Star of Hope quilt is Gorgeous! Did you use a fabric line or fabrics from your stash? I love the color choices you made. It's beautiful.