Friday, November 19, 2010

RRCB progress and critters (of course!)

I have been so very busy. And I know all of you out there can relate to even feeling whipped just because your head is full!
But I have a lot accomplished:
Christmas shopping is 3/4 done
Spent yesterday with Daughter#1 as moral support and driver in case she needed to "freak out".
Decided to make lots more patches for the Scrappily Irish Chain quilt. Pictures are here in the blog further down the page.
I keep fiddling with my bread recipies TRYING to get a good looking loaf. Luckily James will eat almost anything and the birds get all the crumbs.
And I have clue#1 all sewn (not cut) for RRCB the newest mystery being designed for us by Bonnie Hunter of

Here are my pinks and greens. Oh my I love this combination! I am also getting an "itch" to do a second quilt in this mystery in a different color combination. I have done this with most of Bonnie's mysteries. It is amazing how different a quilt can look just by changing the colors used.

 There is a food chain in the world we live in. I totally understand and I can appreciate this hawk's beauty and strength. It is a Coopers Hawk. And I have seen them floating in the air over the homes here. I am sure that they LOVE the birdfeeders giving them an easy prey option. But this one missed two times the day I took this picture. I can see his frustration. And they are so awkward on the ground. They even make a common chicken look as if they were dancing. They would never make it on Dancing with the Stars..........
 I had to buy a new printer. My faithful HP printer decided it was done being a useful tool. And the timing sucked. I had just replaced the ink cartridges....$$$$$$ down the drain. I wonder if having MaggieMae sleeping on it had anything to do with it expiring?????
 My strips are all cut for the neutral swap on Yahoo. And can you see how I have a large "logroll" of uncut fabric there in the background? The fabrics are all pressed and rolled to store. All I have to do to cut more strips is unroll the log, select a few and then smooth them out and cut away. I have really been happy storing my uncut fabrics this way. Little FQ's are pretty but all those folds then need to be ironed out...a pain. And I can still see all the fabrics at a glance. This works for me!
 700 more little 2-patches. I have all the connector squares done and will use these as the Leaders & Enders while I piece the RRCB. This quilt will be king sized when I get done!
 Here are some of the pinks I used. I pulled all these from one container. I pulled more this morning.
Hopefully I will be able to work these 1/2 square triangles into this quilt we are working on. Check out the date! I double sew corner triangles all the time and have many containers just like this in different color combinations. Only thing I did not do was count them! HA! Almost a year ago from the date. I believe these are from a Pink Smokey Mountain Star quilt.


Linda said...

Okay so I just found your blog and I am loving it! Love the kitty pics! Made my night!

julieQ said...

I too am thinking of Bonnie's mystery in a different color way. I am into the pink and greens right now! Your fabric organization is wonderful, Subee.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

You are making great progress!! Way to go!

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Your neutral find makes me drool. I LOVE mixing up neuts in a quilt, makes it so much more lively and interesting!

This is my first Mystery period, looking forward to the next clue.

Dionne said...

You are too awesome! I too double sew my corners, but I don't end up organizing them in plastic crates with dated titles! Wow!

Kim said...

Well did you start another color palette?
I did..come on you can do it!

Happy sewing

Anonymous said...

Love all of your pinks and neutrals. You seem to be so organized too. Right now, I'm caught up on the RRCB mystery steps and waiting for Part III. I'd love to see what other colorway you come up with for your second RRCB mystery quilt.

Nita said...

I think I have the same printer. If you have extra ink left over. I would be interested in purchasing the cartridges. I know how expensive they can be.

I am new to quilting. Actually I am working on my very first one. Your blog has given me a lot of inspiration.