Thursday, June 30, 2011

FLORIBUNDA quilt is finished!

I have to admit that I did try to do the "blog thingie" when it started on Bonnie Hunter's blog.
But...I never made it past her newest creation/idea/quilt design.
Her name for the quilt is Floribunda. She said it was a place for those florals we all have in our stash!
I had been cleaning up my cutting area and came across this Michael Miller fabic with cats in tones of grays, blacks and browns. And I had a black/gray/brown floral that had all the colors in it. They screamed "We belong together"! So I used a precious pale gray fabric as a background for the Floribunda block. The quilt just seemed to sew itself. Honest I was only going to make a tiny one for the kitties to lay on. Then I made more blocks and it kept growing until I knew I needed to stop or I would not be able to quilt it myself. I have way to many quilts waiting to be quilted.

 It finishes to a comfortable 52 X70. Perfect to drape over a chair or to throw over my lap.
 I am a glutton for punishment. I love straight line quilting. So I cross-hatched the entire body of the quilt. I did no marking. I simply went from one corner to the other crossways and then moved one square over and repeated. Then I went the other way diagonally and voila' it is all quilted!
I did not cross-hatch the border. I just did one diagonal line throughout. This picture does not show it as I had not started it yet. I have the binding all on and just need to hand sew it down. My favorite part of quilting. It is also the saddest part of quilting. I get to say goodbye to my quilt.
I dedicated this quilt to my Pain Management doctor. He perished in a plane crash last weekend. I am so sad for his family but also so sad for me. He has kept me going after my back surgery. I do not know what I am going to do..........


Jo said... are fast. Bonnie just posted that a few days ago!

Ellen said...

Wow - that was fast! It looks great.

Sarah said...

WOW such a pretty kitty quilt and you got it done so quickly. I haven't even picked fabric to make mine yet :(

I do have to share that I clicked on the last picture and then clicked again to enlarge it. The first thing I saw was a kitty with a safety pin nose ring! Haha, it took a second to realize it was there for basting and not kitty adornment.

regan said...

Oh my gosh, Sue.....I'm so sorry about your doctor. A sudden tragedy like that is the hardest thing to try and deal with....there's no warning, and there's no preparing for it.

I hope his family and you are able to focus on the amazing things he accomplished in his life, and all the people (like you) he touched, and changed their lives forever.

And I'm glad you are dedicating your quilt to him....every time you touch it, you will be reminded of a wonderful person in your life!

Elaine Adair said...

I have NEVER seen cat fabric used so well, with such appropriate fabrics! You ALWAYS DO BEAUTIFUL work!

angela said...

Looks great! So very sorry to hear about your doctor. I hope his family will be ok.

skye said...

That is a great quilt, Sue!! And I agree with Elaine, the cat fabric looks perfect & very classic. Congratulations.
I am so sorry to hear about your doctor.
Hopefully, your quilt will bring back all of the best memories when you wrap up in it.

Wonky Girl said...

What a wonderful quilt, the fabrics were meant for each other for sure.
Sorry to hear about your pain management doc. That is just an awful, awful tradgedy.

Linda said...

Subee, You make me tired! rofl ...My mouth is hanging open in awe of what you produce! g4u ;-)
Love, Love, Love the use of the cat print. Great Job!
I'm so very sorry for the loss of your doctor. I would be devasited as I also have a pain mgt. doc and I don't know what I'd do w/o my meds or treatments. Hopefully you'll find one equally as good real soon. Good Luck!

Janet O. said...

You amaze me! When Bonnie posted this pattern I pulled a few fabrics and have been considering joining in, but look at you go! It is a beautiful quilt and now has a special meaning for you. Prayers and best wishes as you mourn the loss of this Doctor and friend.