Monday, June 13, 2011

New Haven Quilt Show 2011

I love pictures of my work. I love pictures of animals. I hate pictures of me!

Gladys and I highjacked a gentleman at the show. He took a picture of both of us!

My Pineapple quilt is behind us. I am not giving you a good view of this quilt as Bonnie Hunter has one scheduled for another of her great books. I do not want to give the pattern away!

I sewed on this for months and all 4 days at the Shipshewanna Quilt Retreat last Summer.
My Janome 6600P has a built in thread cutter that is almost a MUST HAVE for paper-piecing.
It was quilted with feathers by Mary Flynn of Quilt Hollow. Beautiful quilting as always!

 Coming up, the next photo has my Crabapple quilt from Bonnie's book entitled:
 Adventures with Leaders & Enders.
I recommend this book to anyone who feels their stash controls them. Bonnie's methods of organization and sewing two quilts at the same time has made me a much faster sewer. No thread gets wasted and I am in heaven with scrappiness coming out of my sewing machine!
 I won no prizes. But it was rewarding to see my quilt mingling with other great quilts.
Mary Flynn of Quilt Hollow also quilted this quilt. And the label on the back is the block Bonnie made for the instructions in the book. She sent me her block! WhoooHooo! It makes a great label.
 This pattern is called Radio Flyer. It is in a Carrie Nelson quilt book entitled "Miss Rosie's Quilt Collection". I bought the book long ago. I bought it specifically for this pattern. The photo shows how it looks in Pinks and Browns. I want to make this too! I wish there were more of me so I could sew 24 hours a day!
 A very simple block and it makes a fabulous quilt. Love the colors.
 Here is a closeup of a Pink and Brown Pineapple! This is exactly what I plan on making as my next paper-pieced project. I talked to the quilter who made this. She did not use paper-piecing.
I love Pink and Brown!


Janet O. said...

Oh, thanks for taking us along to see these quilts. There aren't quilt shows in my area too often and I love living them vicariously. I love the pineapple quilts--the pink and brown one is gorgeous. I hope after Bonnie's book comes out that you will give us a better look at yours. And how cool is that to have Bonnie make your quilt label! : )

Anonymous said...

Your quilts look wonderful hanging in the show. I only quilt a quilt as I'm instructed by the customer. In this case, a simple all over on each of your quilts was done. The judges wanted more right? :-) Looks like an awesome show! You'll have to see the quilt I posted yesterday. The customer wanted custom for her quilt show. I quilted for her last year, she entered her quilt and sent me her ribbon. Hugs.

regan said...

I'm with you, Sue....I hate having my picture taken. I always come out looking angry, and I never am! That's why my profile pic is of a quilt! Maybe one day I'll get a 'happy' shot of me! Still waiting!

Your quilts are fabulous! And when I'm at shows, I rarely pic the 'best of show' or ribboned favorites are the ones with tons of piecing, and lots of scraps! I don't think judges fully appreciate a really good scrappy quilt! I'm never really sure of what it is they are giving the ribbons for.....I guess we have totally different tastes, and opinions, of what a great quilt is!

Keep making the quilts that make you happy....they're fabulous! And please post pics....cuz we love that!

JudyCinNC said...

I really enjoyed the "take along" as I love seeing all the shows across the country through other's pictures. It is quite wonderful to see your own quilt hanging in a show - it was never about the ribbons for me. Thanks Subee. Judy C sends warm and humid wishes from NC

Karen said...

The pink and brown pineapple block looks very vintage. A nice look. I have sewn three pineapple block quilts that I can think of but never a reproduction one.

Katie said...

ooo I love pink and brown too. .and she didNOT use paper piecing? WOOWWEEEE. .. . . girl got mad skillzz ;c) ;c)

The preview of Bonnie's pineapple looks very tempting. . . from what I could see. . . .EXCITING!!!