Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Tulip Fields designed by Bonnie Hunter

I cannot apologize enough to Our Bonnie Hunter for me not staying for her trunk show or for not attending the Crumb Class the next day.
But on the brighter side, I did get to see and talk to Bonnie. And I also made this great quilt:

The pattern, Tulip Fields, can be found in her newest book String Fling.

I only made 6 blocks during the class. But I have spent this week immersed in piecing this quilt. I decided on my color scheme by wanting a quilt to match this border fabric by Jinny Beyer. My burgundy fabric is also a Jinny Beyer fabric. Both printed by RJR fabrics. They are also both pretty ancient. I am sure they are both out of print (OOP).
I harvested the thin border strips from the fabric and used that for the sashings. I loved the effect!!!
I am not sure if I even want to add the thicker border print. I will have to let this quilt stay on the design wall for a few days as I decide.

Of course the thicker border print will be mitered.

I used 1 1/2" strips to cut my QST. And Bonnie taught another way in the class. (I am not telling!) So I took my ruler and cut a 3 7/8" square once on the diagonal and taped that UNDER my ruler and used that to trim all my units. It worked great!!

My copy of Pieced Hexies by Mickey Depre came on Tuesday. Such a great and clever idea for getting more "art" out of Hexies. Before it had come I did guess how she was achieving those results. And I was right. But once again I am not telling. Buy her book!!!!

The cooler weather has made me bake some whole wheat bread. Oh my is it ever good!!!  The happy postman came yesterday with his arms full of swap packages. He is so nice and so careful with these precious envelopes that I gifted him with a huge hunk of bread!!! He took it gladly!!!

I did not have any molasses as the recipe called for so I used honey. I will have to add that to my "winter" grocery list. I am slowly really stocking up the cupboards with canned goods. I try to buy all the heavy groceries before the snow and ice hit. DH put up three huge storage shelves in the garage for the excess canned goods. WHOOHOOO!!!!

Then I will start my Christmas shopping. I already have a few items bought from last year's clearance sales after the holidays. I get everyone two pair of pajamas. That is so easy to do.  Then socks and slippers and a few little items.
And I also buy myself "home wear".
 I am so looking forward to being snow bound with DH!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Beautiful quilt---and I vote for the wide border fabric.

I've also been stocking up for winter. When the weather's bad or it's icy out it's so nice to just go downstairs to my "extra groceries" shelf & grab the item I need. I enjoy snow days too. The previous librarian thought the library had to be open come hell or high water & it was usually me that she expected to open it up since she lived out of town a few miles & couldn't always get here. Since I've been in charge if the school calls a snow day & it's a library day, we have a snow day too. It's not a paid day, but oh well, there is more to life than money.

Claudia said...

I'm sure Bonnie understood why you had to leave. It was nice of you to gift your spot in her next class to someone else. I love your quilt top. It is beautiful!

krisgray said...

What a lovely quilt!! I love all these hexie books coming out to give us new ideas. Once I get my yard taken care of and plants/shrubs "put to bed" for the winter, I am ready to start baking, too. Your loaf of bread looks huge - yum!

Gail said...

I love your tulip fields. The sashing fabric ties everything together.

Judy D in WA said...

Your border fabric is wonderful and you used it well. Love the sashing!
Great looking quilt and that bread...drool!

June said...

I ordered that Hexie book yesterday as I saw it on another blog, too. Can't wait for it to come in. Love your Tulip quilt. I actually live about 50 miles from Bonnie, but have never met her, yet.

Rose Marie said...

For storing canned goods in your garage, I hope it is heated otherwise your canned goods would freeze if you get very cold days.

Vic in NH said...

Your quilt of the tulips is lovely, but to me, seeing it on my monitor at least, it seems to be crying out for a strong green border. Just saying.

Nancy said...

Love the tulip quilt. Colors are great. Way to go.