Saturday, June 14, 2008

My 2 New Featherweights

My black 1938 Featherweight named "Sissy". She sews perfectly and is very fast! She really rocks!
This is Lily and I am so dissapointed in her performance. She is lovely to look at but barely moves. I did get the DVD set from Dave on the Yahoo Featherweight site. When I get a moment and feel mechanical I will work on her. The previous ower says she was conditioned and then put away for 2 years. So she may simply need to be woke up!


Katie said...

Woohoo! Nice machines! I got the DVD set too, it's really done well. Good luck with it. :-)

Pat H. said...

My white/celery Featherweight doesn't sew well either. I rarely use it. I'm always stopping to fool with the tension. The more I use it the tighter the tension gets. Guess I better take it to Featherweight repair.

Love the new quilts and your kitties.