Sunday, June 29, 2008

My new Featherweight, Sissy

She sews like a dream. Man is she ever fast. I have yet to find the sweet spot in the pedal to have a little more control. It is either nothing or pedal to the metal. I am sewing barefoot. (with my big toe) Any suggestions?
For being over 70 years old she is a great stitcher. These machines are so easy to operate!
This is at the start of my sewing session. Yes, my sewing area is always neat. My house may be falling to pieces around me but my sewing area is in order!
Don't you think that the Art Deco Scroll Face is classy? I bought the DVD from the Featherweight guru, David. I oiled her and we sewed and sewed!!!! I am in love. I hope my Janome 6600P does not get too jealous!

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