Friday, February 5, 2010

Amelia Earhart by Kaye England is now a top

Rough measurement is 83"X66".
It still needs a couple borders. I have in mind a muted stripe that I will add first. Then I am totally not sure what it needs. Maybe more of the toile' to finish it out.
I made it much bigger than the pattern called for. But have no star blocks leftover and only 2 of the alternate blocks leftover.
And for me that is a close call. I always make too many blocks. But this time I did have to piece 5 more star blocks to make it this size.
And I still have more material!!!!!!!!

This was my very first effort to make the long legged star. I use the EZ Tri-Recs acrylic tools. They work great. I just needed to keep track of the mirror images. After I got the hang of it...I was whizzing through the assembly.
I really, really, really like this color pallet. All the rusts play so very nicely with the background fabric.
This is almost in the orange color catagory, isn't it Bonnie???????
Just a little close-up so you can see a star and the alternate block.
Now my head is spinning wanting to make this in 30's fabrics.
I do have the crocheted white baby afghan all done. I have started a pale blue one that has pineapples and puffy cluster stitches. Already it feels really neat to touch the puffies. I can just see my new great grand baby exploring textures with his tiny fingers.
I am going through Bonnie Hunter withdrawal. I want to make every quilt in her new book. I have lots of 1 1/2" squares to play with. But a part of me wants to get my Featherweight out to work with those tiny pieces. So...that may happen.
Let us all pray that Bonnie and her quilting friends make it home ok with all the snow that is headed their way today!


Elaine Adair said...

Oh girl, you are a prolific quiltmaker! This is a gorgeous quilt and I LOVE the Tri-Recs ruler also - makes those star points very nice, doesn't it? Thanks for the pretty pictures!

Cindy from Its a Sew Sew Day... said...

Absolutely stunning! It is so striking! I love the colors you chose. Congradulations on a gorgeous quilt top!

Happy Quilting!

Shepherd said...

Your top looks very nice. I love the autumn palette myself. In terms of what to do next, you might consider adding some 1/2-chain blocks to the perimeter. These would finish off the "circles" started by the full chains already in the top.

Joanne, Armstrong, BC, Canada

Wendy said...

Absolutely lovely. I'm going through Bonnie withdrawals too. It helps to do L&E for her Blue Heaven.

Quilter Kathy said...

OMG that is stunning! Love the design, love your fabric choices and the background is perfect!
You whipped that up so quickly!

Gari in AL said...

Your stars are perfect and the quilt is beautiful. It really looks impressive on the wall.

Pokey said...

Your stars are perfect! I've done these, and they can be such a challenge, I've decided my next one will be "wonky" on purpose! :-}
Really, Sue, beautiful work!

Anonymous said..., love, love this one!!

Rose Marie said...

This top is gorgeous and love your colour choice!

Karen said...

I have never been fond of making the stars with the long points. Last time, though, I used the Tri-Recs and had great success.

Lynn E said...

Lovely work! 8-)

Helen said...

That is beautiful!

Barbara said...

There are a lot of quilts I like but I LOVE this one and I can now make my own version because I recently bought the tri-recs tools for a different quilt - how nice that I have the things ready. Thank you for the inspiration - it is beautiful.

Colleen said...

Your star quilt is gorgeous, I especially like the toile for your background. Several months back you gave me some information regarding a triangle ruler for a kaleidescope quilt. After seeing yours and quilts of Elaine Adair I wanted to make one. I purchased a triangle ruler last week, started my quilt on Thursday finished yesterday. The batiks I used were challenging to achieve the correct contrast, but I learned a lot. My next try will be easier. I just wanted you to know that you have been an inspiration to me and I appreciate the information you gave me. I had kept your email so I continue to follow your lovely work. Thanks again for sharing.

antique quilter said...

I just love this quilt
and may have to make it for ME.
very rarely do I say that about a quilt...this is just beautiful