Saturday, February 13, 2010

Progress on Bow-Dacious

I now have 101 blocks made. And I think I will start the sashing process and then make more blocks if I need too. I am not planning on making my Bow-Dacious as big as Bonnie's. But then we never know where the quilt making journey will take us! I divided her block requirements in half. I plan on it being square. That much I am sure of. HA!
And wouldn't you know it, the fabric I want for the gold sashing is in a clear box I can see but cannot get to easily. I will need to get a ladder and unstack a whole corner. Oh well, I need to fondle that fabric anyway. It has been a long while since I touched these fabrics. I may find a treasure there!
The grouping on the left are my hubby's work staging them in a colorwash. I may keep that in mind when assembling the quilt. He vows to help me.
I did some tailoring 101 today. Hubby bought some pants that were too long for his 6'2" frame. They were really way too long. In my distant sewing past, I worked for a men's shop here in town doing alterations. Not a rewarding job but as I was a young mother it allowed me to work from home. Alas, the store is long gone. But I still have my tailoring skills.

My ironing board cover is as bad as Bonnie's. This is a little fold away board that I set up next to the sewing machine. All I have to do is spin my chair. This is so embarrassing. I will have to make a cover real soon folks!
What I wanted to show you all is my careful matching color methods. I pick 10 squares that read the same and keep the "buddies" all together throughout the assembly process. It slowed me down a bit but I was happy with the results.
I had counted out my background squares then added a few for cushion. When I had used them all up matching and layering them carefully, the sewing could start.
I did the pair sewing and the corner square sewing all one after the other. I clipped between and carefully pressed and stacked on the ironing board. I sewed all the blocks today between laundry and feeding hubby.


Gari in AL said...

You have to be organized since you insist on working with all those small pieces. Your quilts are so inspiring.

Karen said...

A rainbow of colors!

antique quilter said...

yes love the idea of laying it out in colors...
I want to make a little quilt of bowties...
although now seeing yours...maybe it will grow!

Ati said...

Hello, I went to almost your whole blog and saw many scrappy quilts. I LOVE them! After a long quilt life I have many scraps and I think to sew such a bow tie quilt from it when finishing my liberated Amish. Can you tell me please how large the colored squares are and the size of the neutral ones? Thank you very much!
PS, became a follower of you blog also, you have me inspierd to pick up my quilt skills again :)

Teri said...

Looks fabulous! And by the way, my husband would have no idea what colorwash is (i guess that's why you picked him). However you decide to lay it out, it wil look great.

Valentina said...

Subee, how wonderful! Truly beautiful. I love how you have grouped the colours together... a feast to the eye,
Greetings from Cyprus

Quilter Kathy said...

That is such a pretty sight!

Fabricfaire said...

You certainly have given me inspiration reading all your past post!!! I like how organized you are!

Kim said...

You have been busy! Love the bow ties.
How's the Amish challenge coming along?

Happy sewing