Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catnip sachets and an UNWELCOMED visitor

Last Fall, Hubby and I harvested our own catnip. We hung it upside down in the garage to dry over the Winter.
This Spring I cleaned it and got that huge pickle jar full of homegrown catnip.
I ended up making 75 catnip sachets just from scrap cat fabrics. I donated all sachets but one to a Steam and Engine show in our area this August.

Of course I had catnip sachet testers during the construction phase.
Bess is very, very happy!!!!
And we had an unwelcomed visitor during the sewing phase.
This female beautiful black cat comes around a couple times a week. There is not a white hair on her. She has all her claws. And I see no signs that she has any kittens. I hope she is well cared for by a home around here. But they should NOT let cats roam here in the city. It breaks my heart.
She seems tame and allows us to pet her. I see no fleas or ear mites. She also has no desire for food offered. She just sits in my birdfeeder and irritates my Macy. Macy growls and gets puffy tail. She eventually gets hoarse from growling. The black cat is totally unaffected by Macy's display.


Cheryl Willis said...

make a fabric collar and pin a note to it to let her owner know she is wandering from home. Bet you get to meet a new friend. I have never seen a black cat, the always seem to have a white spot some where.,

qltmom9 said...

Your pictures are SO funny! That was a fun post.~