Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Different Box of Crayons

I was looking through a quilting magazine (American Patchwork & Quilting June 2010) a year ago and came across this pattern with the option of ordering the kit to exactly replicate the quilt. Since it was in pinks with a bit of brown I fell in love with it! I ordered the kit and the designer, Lynn Schmitt Cibulka, communicated with me before and after the kit arrived.
I also made another pattern from this magazine. Remember the Odds & Ends (designed by Jill Reid)I posted about eons ago? This magazine was a very pleasant read and sewing adventure.
Here is a photo of the kit. I just love the name she uses.
A Different Box of Crayons.
Too clever!
After a few days of sewing I now have the center part made using my own fabrics to see if I even liked the pattern. I fussy cut the strips too! I like the effect! (I love it and can see several more quilts using this pattern) So I have the kit to use (will be MINE) and I want to do it all in scraps too. Hubby even liked this so far. He is not fond of pinks. He likes the graphic way the blocks meet. I have all of the outer blocks made already. And here they are:
PINK AND ROSE FABRIC! My grand daughter AnnaMarie is going to love, love , love this quilt. Red is her favorite color. She even has red carpet in her bedroom.

Slow and steady was the sewing process. I am so glad that Lynn had us making the largest amount block first because I may have stopped after I finished the middle part. But why stop now since I have the blocks all made?
After my marathon sewing spree last week finishing the Project Linus quilts and the other two small projects I made some little cup mats from a pillow panel. The one panel was a misprint and I took some colored pens and tried to fix the yellow tabby who was blue! Anyway it is now a cup mat and is ready to be abused!

Aren't they sweet?

 I felt the need to finally cut into Iole's shirts. Her spirit came and talked to me at 3:30 a.m. A pleasant visit and she wanted me to stop delaying using the shirts. SO I got up and cut into those shirts. I have enough cut now to make the larger version. I did a few blocks to test the process. I should have known that Bonnie Hunter's designs are so simple to sew and the graphics are wonderful.
I have all the triangles sewn and just need to square them to 8" and slice them up. I have been sewing in two rooms practically at the same time.
I love quilting!
 I made chicken and noodles for one part of our first Easter dinner in Grandma's old home that is now my daughter's home. Memories were welcomed and it was great to be cooking in Iole's kitchen and also using some of her pans and recipies.
In my pan above there are two whole (Amish)chickens, an entire stalk of celery, a large onion and some garlic cloves. This boiled for 5 or 6 hours and then I had a wonderful pot of pure chicken stock.
Sorry about the darkness of this photo. I bought this on E-Bay. It is an egg cup. I am planning on making myself a small pincushion. Any advice on this project for me? I think I will need a hot glue gun and some wool batting....I haven't a clue...sigh! Perhaps it will come to me in a dream.


Valentina said...

Oh Subee! How are you, It has been so long since I visited you last... sorry-life of a mom of 4yr olds, I am starting to catch on! :)
Subee, how inspiring: I love your quilts! The box of crayons is so beautiful- it's going to be a stunner: and your eggcup: oh, yes, the perfect pincushion, maybe with woolfelt?
That stock made my mouth water! Hope you are having a blessed easter week! From faraway Cyprus, with love,

qltmom9 said...

The egg cup is pretty.
How about some crushed walnut shell at the bottom with wool at the top?

JudyCinNC said...

Hi Subee - congratulations on becoming the washed hostess with the mostest over on Quiltvilleswap. You are perfect for this job and everyone is sure lucky to have you doing the distributions. Judy C sends her best from NC

J Barham said...

Love the Box of Crayons quilt. The colors are so fun! Would you consider putting a picture of the Odds 'n Ends that you made on your blog?

Hope you are having a good Mother's Day!
Joyce Barham