Monday, April 11, 2011

Lake Cabin top completed! And new Cherry Blossom bobbins for Janome sewing machines!!!

I fixed the sashing that was missing a star leg. Much better to my eye. I added a small black border then searched my stash and used a nice brown that has some rose tones. This quilt looks as if it could be for a man or a woman.
The pattern is in a new book by Kim Brackett called "Stash Basket Sensations". This was another quilt made and quilted by Mary Flynn of Quilt Hollow that was in this newest book.

I have the backing all made for the Oriental quilt. And the batting will be here Fed EX tomorrow afternoon. I am in love with all the types of Quilters' Dream battings. I ordered a package deal of 5 King Size battings (122X122) from my favorite batting seller:

Always free shipping and the costs are VERY competitive. I am rapidly using up my Queen size roll of Quilters' Dream Select cotton batting and then I plan on buying a roll of the wool! LOVE IT!!!!! But I do not enough room to store the new roll until I use up the others. I have 4 rolls in my utility house is soooooo small. I wish I could just add  a few feet to every room!
 The Deer quilt came back to me on Friday. I included sewing the binding on in my charge for making this quilt. That is all done and Gladys picked the quilt up this morning. Gladys is concerned with a small oil/grease stain on the back of the quilt. There must have been a machine issue as the stitching was all messed up too. So I resewed some of the quilting and marked the stain with a pin so Gladys can find it again. Her Hubby says he has some type of cleaner that will remove the stain.  Gladys and her Hubby are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend. WOW! 50 years!
This weekend I am going to Bear Creek Farms for a three day retreat. The food is amazing (Amish) and we have little log cabin rooms. SO cute. Little wooden front porches for each cabin. Lots of outside walking to the rooms. And we are expecting rain for the weekend. That makes a bit of a hardship but so worth the peace and quiet.
I am gathering up all my totes and am TRYING to decide what I will work on this weekend. We will be making some more quilts for Project Linus but that will not take up the entire weekend.
Decisions decisions! I will bring too much stuff I am sure. I will get to see how pleasant it will be to carry my new QDC3160 Janome sewing machine.
And oh! I bought the cutest PINK bobbins in a Cherry Blossom case. They are made of a different material. Supposed to absorb bouncing better. They work fine in my 6600P. So, I assume they will be fine for my new machine. And they are PINK!

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Paula said...

LOVE your Lake Cabin top. I've added Kim's book to my Amazon wish list!

Elaine Adair said...

I was just checking out your site today, to see if I'd missed anything! Nice to see this jaunty quilt is done - looks great!

PINK bobbins - I'll ask at my dealer! I'll bet I know faster than THEY know! LOL

Ruthie said...

That is one beautiful quilt! Have fun at your retreat.

regan said...

Your Lake Cabin top is beautiful! And that border is perfect....frames it very nicely! And don't you just love it when a quilt can work for the guys and gals.....I love the girly quilts....but they just aren't going to work for my hubby! This one is perfect for both!

Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely wonderful! Enjoy the weekend ahead!!

bingo~bonnie said...

I just love visiting your blog and seeing what you've been up to! This latest finish is beautiful!

Have a great time on your sewing retreat! Sounds like a few days of heaven that I hope I'll get to experience in a few years when my kids aren't so dependent on me. Until then, I'll enjoy via blogland seeing what all goes on at a retreat! ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

bingo~bonnie said...

thanks for writing about the batting brand you enjoy so much - I always like hearing what others like and where to purchase.

You're right Sue, the colors in this one would please anyone, man or woman. :) Very cozy!

Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Kim Brackett said...

I love your Lake Cabin quilt! The original Lake Cabin lives with Mary now, but I still love looking at the pictures! :-) Seeing yours makes me want to do one for myself.