Sunday, June 19, 2011

I love EZ rulers!

From one 3 1/2" square I can get two side triangles using my Tri-Recs ruler set. I was just trying the ruler out to see how I like cutting and/or sewing these units. There is a tiny notch you MUST cut. It tells you where to line up the side triangles PERFECTLY!

 I used the Tri-recs tool for this unit. But...............................................................
 I found that I have two sets of these triangles! Boy oh boy! I must have not been able to find the original set and bought another set. Anyone else ever done that? I have also bought the same fabric more than once!!!!!
 When I went to Kaye England's Quilting College in Indianapolis I bought her entire set of rulers. It was for a good cause and I do like the lines on them. This set is like my Tri-Recs set but it makes an inch bigger blocks. And I am sure that SOMEWHERE I have a set by Fons and Porter.
I heard from the book winner, Laura. She is so pleased to have an autographed copy.
She also was blessed to have some one on one time with Bonnie.
(She helped her load her car after a show.)
She said she was tongue tied like meeting a "rock star". I so understand how she feels.
But Our Bonnie may be rock star famous but there are no "put on airs" with this wonderful woman.
She is as down to earth and friendly as your next door neighbor.
I sure wish I lived next door.

Hey Bonnie! I will do your housework for you if we lived closer!!!! HA!


imagrandma2five said...

I have those rulers and have never tried them. I'd like to have a one day class on using different rulers. Maybe then mine wouldn't just hang on the wall staring at me! LOL!
karen in NE Indiana

JudyCinNC said...

Maybe Subee could give us a blog tutorial on using the rulers. Wouldn't that be neat!!!! I have several that are still in the cellophane wrapper. What can I say - I Love Gadgets. Judy C in NC

Janet O. said...

I bought the Tri-Recs rulers years before I ever took them from the package. I am using them now on the Eye Fooler quilt that is my current Leader/Ender project and I do like how easily they make the block you show come together. What else do you do with them? A tutorial sounds good to me!!

MB in MI said...

Have 'em--love 'em!! :-)

Laura said...

Good timing, Subee! I picked this up on sale last week at Joanns. If it wasn't for Bonnie and RRCB, I probably would never have used the Companion Angle and Easy Angle rulers, so I want to give this a try, too.
Laura in Sugar Land, TX

quiptowngirl said...

I have two different EZ rulers and I love them too! I find they are
marked so clearly, and make it so "EZ" for me to make accurate cuts.
Keep quilting Subee, I love to see what you do and read about your progress.

Louise said...

I love those rulers too. I'm doing a pattern (current Quiltmaker mystery) that instructed me to either use their template or paper piece. Well...I dug out my rulers and they work perfect for the block unit!
I love it when things work out like that!

Quilter Kathy said...

I have done the same thing many times...bought rulers i already have and bought fabric that I really like a couple of times1

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

LOLOL!!! I just found this post! I admit that I am behind on keeping up, and catching up usually happens when I'm home for more than a SWEET your comments are! You do know I love ya to bits, don't you? ;cD You were my saving grace that first time I met you in person! *hugs*