Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I love 1 1/2" squares!

I have several of these cake carriers holding my 1 1/2" square collections. And a special shout out to Our Bonnie (http://www.quiltville.com) for this great idea for carrying and storing quilt related items. There are so many kitchen gadgets that work so nice for quilting too!
And also Our Bonnie won four (4) quilting awards!!!! Way to go Bonnie!!!!!

The other containers full of squares are not sorted by color. But the OCD in me just had to have some of them sorted by colors. And of course as you sort there are colors that are light, medium and dark. I ran out of "stack" spaces. HA!

And since I have been swapping with the postage stamp group on Yahoo for maybe 10 years and hostessing for the last three years, I have lots a bagillion of these squares. We swap 1,250 squares 4 times a year. Well...now we only swap three times a year because of postage and fabric costs. Do the math...lots of squares!!

So after doing my normal de-linting of the bobbin area and a fresh needle I dug out the container and made a few 16 patch blocks. They ended up being a sweet 4 1/2".

This is my normal cleaning after an intense three days of sewing three Project Linus quilts. From cutting to quilting and binding, I finished 3 quilts in three days.
So of course my machine wanted some tender loving care.

And before sewing I had to wind some bobbins up. I feel so good having lots of bobbins wound ahead of time. I never know what I am sewing on next. So I cover the color spectrum.

The top bobbin drawer holds the bobbin boxes and all my size 60 threads that work very well for bobbin filling.

And this drawer is the top on to the left of my machine. And yes, it always looks like this. I cannot help it. My house is in shambles but my sewing stuff isn't!!

I made three of these quilts for our local Project Linus. My good friend, Gladys, donated the fabrics and I donated my time.

They were all alike but I did use three different fabrics for the backings. And I feel these are kinda unisex. Peanut fabric with polka dots and I hope they can use these quilts. I did piece all the battings from leftovers. That almost makes them free!

These fabrics are the three backings I used...


Janet O. said...

Wow!! Tiny 16 patch blocks.
I always get a kick out of seeing your extreme organization in your sewing area. I think I am just jealous. : )

Karen said...

What kind of quilts do you make with all your squares?

Lane said...

I think that every Linus quilt is wonderful. I also like making them from leftover stuff so they feel free. I am envious of your clean sewing spaces. I will not show what mine look like. Take care, Sue.

Elaine Adair said...

I am definitely going to look for those carriers next Walmart trip! Just opening one, all full of goodies is better than opening a box of fudge!

Your 9-patch is gorgeous - I think it's the few very light units -- gives it sparkle. About applique - have you thought about fused applique? It does go faster, but it's not "needle turn" which takes a long time, IMHO. Have fun!