Thursday, April 12, 2012

More progress on the Log Cabin blocks II

I cannot help myself. I keep telling me that I need to save this project for the retreat that is coming up on the 20th of this month. Then I park myself in front of the sewing machine as soon as DH leaves for work (6:15 a.m.) and I sew until he comes home!!!!!
I did compromise with the manic me.  I will save all the 1 1/2" strip Log Cabin blocks for the retreat and continue with these tiny ones. Sounds good to me!

So today I finished up more dark/light blocks and then made 30 all light blocks. I can almost see this quilt in my mind's eye with the center in the smaller blocks then exploding into the larger blocks on the outside.

Dark ones are all counted and bagged up and I just finished pressing the all light blocks. I am still in love with these blocks. And with making these blocks too!

 Early this morning...

Can you see the little pile on the machine bed? Some of my strips were not long enough to add to a block, so I snip them and then I can use them when I start another block.
So I am halfway through making 288 7 1/2" blocks that I have decided I want. And I have 252 centers started for the 4 1/2" blocks with 114 made.
I bet I can take them with me on the retreat too...I love making the small ones!!!

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Janet O. said...

Slow down, woman!! I just have to catch my breath a few times when I read your posts. You are so driven!!
Beautiful blocks, by the way. : )