Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A new flavor for M & M's Raspberry w/dark chocolate

Oh my! I bought this for snacking at the retreat but I have already broken into the bag! They are good!!! Almost too good to share!!!

I now have all 300+ of my 4 1/2" Log Cabin blocks made. I still have strips left and cannot decide whether or not to make a few more blocks or to add another round (4 times) to the blocks. Decisions decisions!!!

  The last 36 went by real fast today! And packing those 1 1/2" strips was great but they seem HUGE!!! compared to 1" strips. I am gonna miss sewing on my big machine. But my Janome DQC 3160 has all the features of my big machine except for the knee lever. (which I love!) Thread trimming, needle up/down, needle threading, adjustable needle drop...

Here are my 4 1/2" Log Cabin blocks. I am gonna miss sewing on them!!!


 These got used up today. I am so glad I save bits and pieces of fabrics!!!

I swapped out 18 swapper's 2 1/2" green strips this last Monday. I did it in three hours!!! And I got them all to the PO on Tuesday. And one swapper got her strips already!

Everyone gets their own little basket. I go through each package and count their strips to make sure all is even. It is not fun to get to the end and find you are short!!!

I had them all around the room. 
I love these little baskets. 
They make it so easy to keep all the swapper's separate.

WHOOHOOO! All mailed out.
And my laundry is all done and I am mostly all packed. I am thinking I might take my main machine in for service. But then again I was thinking of bringing it along and keep the QDC 3160 in the truck in case someone needs a machine.

Please talk me out of that!
QDC 3160 weighs 12 lbs.
6600P weighs 42 lbs!



Pam in KC said...

That 30 pounds would stop me. I'm going to have to look for those Raspberry M&Ms this evening.

Joni said...

Leave it to a quilter to find the best chocolate ever!

GittaS said...

300 log cabin blocks, but because you were busy.
You got it sorted neatly in place.
Many greetings Gitta

cockermom said...

My goodness I wish you hadn't told me about those M&M's! Well, yeah I guess I am since I plan on going out and hunting some down
Have a great time!

Janet O. said...

Don't take the big machine, just take more M&Ms!!
I love dark chocolate and raspberry together. I hadn't seen these before--thanks, I think! : )

regan said...

No one will need a machine....take the light weight one!

I love all the log cabin blocks you've made......I'm getting ready to start one myself! Thanks for inspiring me!

And, oh yeah.....did you really need to get me wanting yet another M&M product!?! Yikes! I'm so easily swayed! I just love raspberry and dark chocolate, so I guess I'm headed for the store! lol

ann hermes said...

i have to try those new m&ms!

Becky Clay said...

Well that was so sweet of you to think of someone who may need a machine AND be willing to take an extra just for them!! I love your blog and try to keep up with you. Have fun at your retreat!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Don't give yourself a hernia lugging that heavy machine around if the lightweight one will do the job for you. You're not responsible for providing a machine for someone who forgets theirs...or just the cord or foot pedal. Be sure to take the M&Ms though. :)

Teri said...

I have to know where you found those!! I need them. :)

Elaine Adair said...

Oh mercy - more temptation -- M&Ms, (not fabric for a change) and raspberry to boot!