Sunday, May 20, 2012

Antique sewing machine

I am an avid old movie buff. I have two different versions of Little Women. As I was watching the 1949 version today, I noticed that Meg (Janet Leigh) was sewing on sheer pink fabric on a treadle sewing machine. I did manage to pause the DVD and get a couple pictures of her sewing machine. She was actually sewing too!!! Feet moving and her hands moving the sheer pink fabric through the machine. The scene is right at the very beginning of the movie if you are curious to see one of these in action!!!

It is very warm here today. 90!!!! Too hot for me...I have the air on.
When we first had the central air put in, the workman said that my cutting/sewing room would be an icebox since it is first in the connection!
Perfect for me as I am always too warm!
Since my thumb is too sore to quilt on the King of Green (pricks and slices from opening and closing those safety pins), I shut myself in my "icebox" and set up a mini sewing station.
I was in heaven.
A new sewing project for Great grandson #4, whose arrival is due in September. I added my traveling TV tray ironing station and I was all set for a nice sewing day. After a few hours DH was getting very lonely so I am back out of that room. Sigh! Maybe I will go back later tonight.

 And I am a firm believer in double sewing those corner squares when doing the sew across the square corner to corner. The result is a stack of bonus units to be used somewhere in the baby quilt.
 Too cool!!!!! I am not very happy with this quilt kit I bought at my LQS. First off when I got home after buying it, the panel was not in the package. After some "phone tag" I was able to reach the owner and had to go back to get the panel. It turns out that all the kits were missing panels!!! Someone goofed!!
Anyway, I am pressing and cutting and one of the fabrics that should have had a half yard cut had only 10". Not enough for where it needed to go. And the same thing on another print. I will have to add some of my own fabric here and there. No big whoop! But I think I should offer my OCD services to that store to make their kits up for them. I would be VERY good at it!!!!

 Here is a closeup of some very clever packaging from a swapper named Sam who lives in Australia. They look like candy treats!!!!
And this was my "take" from the swap. 100 different 2 1/2" X 20" strips of yellows ranging from pale lemon to cheddar gold!!! WHOOHOOO!


Kathleen said...

Ooh, your swap fabrics are lovely,,

Karen said...

The 1949 version of "Little Women" is my favorite one. I thought you were going to tell us you bought a machine like the one in the movie. That would be a good idea.

regan said...

I'll have to watch that movie now, just because I have recently purchased a treadle! I need to see it in action! lol

And don't you just hate it when a kit is wrong! Sheesh!

I love all those yellows! What a score! :o)

Janet O. said...

Another old movie buff! Love it--wish I could show you my DVD collection. I have both old versions of "Little Women", too, plus a few hundred other old movies.
Your yellow swap looks very cheery. Already have a plan for those pieces?

Jevne said...

I am a great-grandmother in Valparaiso. I have just found your blog and wonder where is New Haven?