Thursday, May 10, 2012

King of Green is now in three pieces

I now have three row units that measure 36" X 108". I laid them out on my Queen size bed and there is plenty of leftover. But Lisa's bed is a King size so I think I will still need to add borders.

 My grand plan is to quilt the three sections while they are narrow and then sew them together and finish the little bit of quilting that will be needed after joining them. I used this technique for my Batik Virginia Star quilt. It worked pretty good. The only heavy maneuvering was just at the very end of the quilting.
I am so very proud of this quilt!!!!
And today is my Dear Hubby's birthday. We went to lunch together. And he was very surprised by his Birthday quilt. He never noticed me working on it!!! HA!!!



Grit said...

Der Quilt ist traumhaft geworden.
Liebe Grüße Grit

regan said...

King of Green looks awesome! And what a great plan for the quilting.....kindof like quilt-as-you-go, right?

Happy Birthday to the hubs! And good job in keeping his quilt a secret! Way to go!

GittaS said...

Beautiful, the colors are the ones I love.
Many greetings Gitta

Laurie said...

It's beautiful.. and HUGE!! LOL

Well done Subee!

Karen said...

Covers a queen size bed very well. I have two king size beds and know how much sewing it takes to cover one of them with a nice quilt.

Janet O. said...

That will be a lot of quilt!!
Doesn't DH watch TV in the same room where you sew? And he wasn't aware of his quilt being made? Are you pulling our collective leg? : )

Louise SS said...

You are so amazing! Very pretty quilt!
Happy Birthday to Hubby!
Louise in Sweden

Gari in AL said...

Very impressive. And borders will just add the perfect frame.

Wonky Girl said...

Even breaking it up into three sections to quilt will still be a huge job. You are brave!
The quilt is really wonderful!

Vic in NH said...

So striking! Happy Birthday to Mr. Subee,too!

Ruth Ann said...

Gorgeous! Can I be your daughter? LOL

Mary said...

Congrats! Your quilt is super lovely! I love your idea for quilting it too!

Kristie said...

Lucky daughter! That quilt is very pretty! I love nice big quilts! I always enjoy seeing what you are working on.