Friday, May 25, 2012

FINALLY! A Log Cabin quilt...well almost!

Finally! I am pretty sure I am mostly caught up with the "have to get done" quilts and I could return to my bagillion Log Cabin blocks I made last month.
I decided to make it in square sections as opposed to row construction. I sketched it out on graph paper so I have a "road map" of sorts.
 I am VERY pleased with the colors. The lights are all tans and darker whites or tone on tones at all. It seems nice and rich to me. This one will be for our bed. I am going to go 4 sections across (only three pictured) and five sections down. It will be approximately 115" X 144". I know that sounds too big for my queen size bed. But DH and I both like extra width and especially extra length!!!!

 The blocks seems like an endless supply to me. Yet I am still having issues
with not having like fabrics close to each other.
 As a result, I made many more Cheddar Bow Tie blocks between section piecing. That container still has many pre-cut units waiting for sewing. I really made lots of units for these little blocks. Remember Bonnie's Cheddar Challenge.
The blocks are made with 2" larger squares and 1 1/4" smaller squares.
Love this size block 3 1/2" !!!
 Here is my Bess. She is enjoying the fact that I am not pressing today. It is too warm to even try and fight the air conditioner. (95 outside)
 And here is MaggieMae. Her fur is growing out so fast. I did take the scissors to her head area. She no longer looks like an owl! HA!
 I bought $12 worth of Hens and Chicks. I planted them in a few places like under the bird feeder and in this flower pot. Something keeps chewing on them and also pulling them out of the ground. I am thinking it is my precious squirrels. The two breeding females have brought their young ones to our yard for easy food gathering. I know. It is my own fault.
So, for the meantime, I am keeping the Hens and Chicks in the house. I am praying the kitties don't try to play in the soil!!! GRRR!!!!!!
 Yesterday this white pigeon was in our front yard.
It was eating bread I had thrown out. It was huge!!! And very tame acting!!
I wonder where it came from.
I have not seen it today.
Let loose from a funeral maybe???
The Catholic Cemetery is right across the road from us.
 I made this quick little quilt yesterday. It was from a kit. But I ended up NOT following the pattern. That had as much to do with my own "eye" as the fact that the incorrect fabric cuts too. is done and waiting for quilting. It needs to be done in September 2012.
 And more Leaders and Enders of course!!!
I was visited by an old friend today. Abby is not old. (18) But she and I have been friends since she was a little girl and our next door neighbor. They moved away a LONG time ago. She comes back occasionally to visit me. What a rush!!! She was driving!!! I took her under my sewing wing back then. She was a natural seamstress. I miss her and her family so very much!


Janet O. said...

Beautiful log cabin blocks! I love the rich coloring--and that is going to be one huge quilt! Is your bed tall? Seems like it would be dragging on the ground. : )

GittaS said...

Meinten Sie: Das ist ein Traum Quilt. Gl├╝ckwunsch Gitta
This is a dream quilt.
Congratulations Gitta

Elaine Adair said...

Your LC is stunning! Love that layout as well - what's NOT to love about a Log Cabin? 8-))

Thanks for the cute photo of Hen and Chicks - good idea to put them in one of those cute planters! Gives ME ideas. 8-))

Quiltmama said...

Your work is beautiful. I hope I can be like you too..happy quilting dear.

Quiltmama said...

Your work is beautiful dear. I hope I can be like you. Happy quilting and have a beautiful weekend.