Sunday, February 24, 2013

Borders added to the Eye Fooler quilt.

Did not sleep at all last night. Lots of things on my mind but most of it was sewing related. So I just got up at 3:00 a.m. put some music on and added 2 borders to my Eye Fooler quilt. Hubby says it looks "royal". And that is a good thing. Anyway, it is now ready/done. I need to piece the backing and cut some batting and wait for the next delivery from my Long Arm quilter, Lisa Olinger.
Did I tell you she picks up and delivers????? Too cool!

I found these hexie boxes at a Borders. This large square one hold all the rotary blades and that electric sharpener. (which I love!)

This box has a neat notebook and a pencil case with hexie pencils too! So far it is just looking beautiful. I have not decided what to store in it.
Love the interior color....

I moved the magnets in that magnetic pin holder and check out how my pins are behaving. I have my own little magnetic vortex going on here.
I love my TJ Lane thimble. It fits so well I forget I have it on despite the weight of it. It solved my sore thumb issues. I should have used it from the start.

This is my work box for basting the hexies. I can set this on my lap anywhere and have everything handy!!!

I also crochet like there is no tomorrow. I use this little holder all the time. There is a small slot on top for the metal crochet hook and even a small drawer!!!
Excuse the dust. Who has time to clean when there is so much sewing to do?
Yes, I made that doily.

Hubby found this antique sewing box on Craig's list. There is not one single nail in it. The top rolls back like a roll top desk.

I watched Our Bonnie Hunter on Quilt cam today. She is such an inspiration!!!

I did get two of Angela's exchange fabrics made into spool blocks today.



Janet O. said...

That sewing box was such a find! Love it.

Cathy said...

I love all your boxes and gadgets. Would love to see a full picture of your quilt. Hugs

Teresa in Music City said...

As usual, running rings around the rest of us!!! You are amazing Subee :*) Love that crochet ball holder - I've never seen one of those! And they way you have organized your hexies is perfect. I took a picture to save for when I start my hexie project. Thanks for sharing all your goodies with us today :*)

Andee said...

Spools are looking good! I watched Bonnie too!