Friday, February 22, 2013

Clover's Black Gold needles

I am not using this size hexie right now. But I have been saving heavier weight mailers papers to stamp out more papers. This is such a great way to recycle all the junk mailers!!!! Thanks to Our Bonnie Hunter for this tip and the recommendation on the stamper.

I love these Black Gold needles from Clover for slipping smoothly through the batiks. Only issue is that they are black and a bit hard to see against the batiks.
I had to stop sewing/basting because my thumb was getting pricked so much from the needles that I started bleeding on the fabrics. I then went to wearing a piece of waterproof band aid tape. That works well...but my thumb is still sore. So I am straightening up and cutting up fabrics for my Leaders & Enders project.

What a nice clean cutting area. I love working in this room. It is the closest room to the furnace and the outside air conditioner unit. So it is toasty warm in the winter months and as cold as a fridge in the summer. Perfect for me each way!!!!

This is the box that I keep the swap envelopes as they come to me. Believe me that box is FULL and HEAVY!!!!! There are two swaps here. Washed batik strips and 1 1/2" Postage Stamp Swap. Both are on the Yahoo groups. Every third month both swaps are due at the same time. Lots of packages for the Post Office. But I keep telling them (Post Office) it is job security. HA!!

Baskets all ready to receive their individual packages after I count them and check for accuracy. I have to have them by color (baskets). That is the OCD in me. It actually helps in the quilting process too.

Here are some 5" squares being cut up for the Spool Blocks that is my Leader & Enders project. And a NEW friend from Facebook who is also Bonnie's #1 fan and I swapped 10 sets of spool units. Her fabrics arrived today. So neat because I was in the middle of cutting more fabrics too!!!

I have a new great grand child coming. We do not know the sex yet. But Grand Daughter wants a monster theme. Quilt coming soon......



Ila said...

I have just the thing for you!
They're little sticky dots that adhere to your finger. The dots are about 3/8" diameter and they don't interfere with being able to "feel" the needle. They just protect you. HTH - Ila

Pat said...

Love those Clover Black Gold needles too!

Teresa in Music City said...

Nothing like making baby quilts to make our spirits bright! And a monster quilt will be bright and interesting to the new one :*)

Someone in my sewing group was talking about how much they love the Black Gold needles - I'll have to try them out!

qltmom9 said...

Congrats on the new baby to love.
Where do you get the needles? Butter pkgs (like from Aldi's) make great hexies too. I'm loving the spools too.~


the ark said...

Love, love, love your blog!!! You always have so much going on and every quilt is crazy-beautiful! The only problem don't blog enough! I need MORE Subee Sews goodness! What do you say?!
Have a great day!

Andee said...

I have been keeping my eye out for one of those hexi makers! I have three dif small hexi projects going! Glad we are swapping fabrics..makes it so much more fun!