Monday, February 25, 2013

My Precious Pearl & eleven inch strip swap

The quilt she is on is NOT for the cats. It is my very own Minkee backed lap quilt. If I get up I MUST fold it up or this happens!!!
Pearl loves the backing so much she hugs it!!!!

I started a new swap over on the Yahoo quiltvilleswap group.
We will be swapping 11" strips of fabric with ten fabrics to each set.
Washed or unwashed fabrics...well just go join the group and read the rules in the Files section there.


Janet O. said...

Pearl's pose is very funny. Love that Minkee. : )

Leeann said...

The quilt looks like a big Mummy cat to snuggle into :-)

Teresa in Music City said...

Looks like Pearl may be giving you the hint that she needs her own minkie-backed quilt! Or perhaps that she likes this one, and maybe your should make another one for you LOL!!! I'm betting on the second one :*D

Kathleen said...

Find that poor underprivileged kitty some minke for her own.... Lol

SandraB said...

Thank you for sharing that your scraps are both washed & unwashed. I have worried about that, hoping that it would work out ok. Your work is truly an inspiration. Appreciate it that you share it with us.