Thursday, March 5, 2015

bread baking and supplying my pantry for the next year.

I cannot help it. I am a major hoarder. I hoard fabric, thread, yarn, useless plastic containers and food stuffs.
I actually sit down and figure out how many garbage bags I will need for the winter months. The same thing with dishwasher detergent and anything that is heavy or large. It is so hard for me to push a heavy cart across a snow filled parking lot with 30 mph winds. I had a package of batting blow out of a cart. I had to chase it across the parking lot.

I have decided to really keep a good supply of bread baking products by buying in larger sizes. I still have 4 jars of yeast in the freezer and 6 boxes of vital wheat gluten. I go through bread flour very fast so I am hardly ahead with this item.

So I ordered and have received a 32 oz. container of vital wheat gluten.
(the little boxes have only 6 oz.)
And a pound package of yeast. The first package had an expired use by date. I e-mailed the company and the next day I received a package that is good for 2 years!!!
The company I decided to use you ask??

I cannot say enough good things about this company.
The yeast I bought:

The vital wheat gluten:



Podunk Pretties said...

We stock up on food also. It has been a hard process for me because I don't like clutter. I'm getting the hang of just shutting the door and not looking at all that food. Fabric on the other hand I'm trying not to buy, buy, buy. Only what I need for a project. Someday I hope not to have a stash, yeah right! Thanks for the links!

SheriR said...

I'd love your bread recipe.