Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cutting fabric for the upcoming retreat.

I still cannot decide what to sew on for the upcoming retreat in Shipshewanna Indiana. The last time I was there, so was Bonnie Hunter and Mickey DePre.
Sigh...yes I am name dropping. HA!

Anyway, I love pressing fabric. I really do. I love the smell and feel of fabric when it is pressed. I have gone through three collections of Civil War Reproduction fabric. They are not becoming quilts sitting in the containers. And leaving them all folded makes the pressing harder.

So even though I love pressing I cannot waste my time doing it all over again. So I have developed a system of making rolls of the fat quarters and tie them with the straightening strings. When I want to cut again I simply unroll the log. They may need just a tiny bit of pressing to calm the curves but the fabric stays great.

And of course the ever present quilt police kitty Lucky Lucy. She seems to have stopped growing. She will be a petite 7 #'s and is full grown. She sure is not as smart as of beloved Macy but she has moments of brilliance. Sometimes she fetches. And almost all the time she sings her part with James when he plays a Mellencamp tune. She meows on the breaks. Too funny.

I also went through my CW fabrics and cut 1 1/2" squares. Love these little things!!!!!

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scrappy101 said...

Lucky you. I see that retreat posted. Hope you have a great time and bring back some show and tell!