Monday, March 16, 2015

Scrappy Nines quilt is now a flimsy.

Scrappy Nines quilt is now a flimsy. I am so lucky I have a TALL husband!!!
All fabric was from my stash. Very deep stash. So deep that the modern fabrics were way short when I was making strip sets. So short that I had to add fabric in order not to waste the neutrals.

What a wonderful journey. A wonderful sewing journey. I love everything about making tops except the joining of rows. But using the Leaders and Enders makes this task much more rewarding.

My favorite size of 9-patches. 3 1/2"!!! I made way too many but I wanted a good selection of scrappy nines.

Love this pattern. In fact I love it so much I want to make another one!



Kathy MacKie said...

Well done, enjoy seeing your progress.

Chris said...

I love this pattern. It ;looks great in neutrals. Did you use all black for the 9-patches?

Tami C said...

Way to go Sue! This quilt of yours is really nice. You have a habit of making a quilt again if you really like it!

Chantal said...

Love this quilt. Congrats on the flimsy. Will your second try be neutral too or will you add colours?

Luann said...

This is a very nice quilt. I love the colors!

Bren said...