Saturday, May 5, 2012

King of Green-a work in progress

DD #1's birthday is in July. Just a few months away. This year it is her turn to get a bed size quilt. She has a King size bed. I started assembling blocks into rows from a Mystery I participated in 2007!!!! A NYE mystery done by Ann Smith. I have done several of her mysteries. She is as talented as Our Bonnie Hunter of quiltville fame.
Well, to make a long story short, DD#1 repainted her bedroom. It is no longer taupe but a nice sage green. She has added Navy and Cream accents. So now the NYE blocks that are not a quilt yet do not go with her new color scheme.
Quiltvilleswap to the rescue!!!! I was not sure what I was going to do with all my green strips I received in the swap. I am still planning on trying some applique' and the greens will make great leaves. But that has not happened yet.
Then I had a "light bulb" moment. I will do a scrappy 9-patch all in greens with cream backgrounds. The alternate blocks will be hourglass blocks in cream and navy. WHOOHOOO!!!! I have a plan and only 162 9-patches to make. And an equal amount of hourglass blocks.

 But first the cutting has to take place.
( I LOVE rotary cutting.)
And I love scrappy blocks.
And I have to have control even in scrappiness!
There will be no repeats of a fabric in this quilt. I cut five 2 1/2" blocks from each strip and then carefully folded them back into their respective baggies. I know...why you say...this is the OCD in me.
I have a list of all the swappers and as I cut into their strips I highlighted the list to show I used their strips.
I am not doing any strip sewing. I am using the the Hourglass units as my Leaders and Enders and making a 9-patch block in between each Hourglass.
It is working so well.
The container above is all that is left to sew together...maybe 50 more blocks.

 And here is a small sample of what the layout will look like.
I am thinking 18 blocks X 18 blocks will make an 108" square quilt.
But I am thinking DD#1 may want a rectangle quilt instead of a square quilt.
Plenty of time to make that decision.

I cannot avoid posting about this quilt. DD#1 says she reads my blog. That is one reason I have been so absent about posting. But I cannot keep this to myself any longer. I want/need to share this with all of you.
So DD#1 will have to see her quilt being birthed.
I am sorry Lisa. You know I love you so very much!!!!!

 Here are some of the 2007 Mystery blocks. I have enough to make a King size quilt. And it would go great in my bedroom...but I do not have time to play with these blocks so back into their box they go. And this was after I spent 2 whole days pressing them. Somehow they "slid" in the box they were in and they all looked like waves of water. I did a good pressing from the back and then from the front. And now they are back in the box. But I added a piece of batting to stop the sliding around. (I hope)
 I really like the fabric I used for these blocks. And I know I have more fabric. But can I locate it? NO!!! I mean 2007 was a LONG time ago.
The fabric has to be buried very deep...very, very deep. I am glad I had the mystery clues in the box with the blocks for the possible layouts and fabric requirements.
Someday I will feel like crawling under the quilting machine frame and look for the fabric. I know it is there somewhere!!! I do have the brown batik and the RJR tan in good sized amounts in their color drawers. But I cannot locate the large scale floral I used. As I said before...I know there is more somewhere!!!!!

 I swapped and mailed out a small neutral 1 1/2" swap. Easy Peasy...
The entire mailing fit into a small basket. When I do the larger swaps it takes two trips to get all the packages into the Post Office.


Janet O. said...

You are amazing, as always. The 9-patch with hourglass is a design I have wanted to make for a long time. I love your color scheme.
Good luck on finding your floral fabric. You know it will turn up when you are looking for something else and don't have time to work on this. quilt. : )

SandraB said...

I hope you post about what size you end up making the quilt. I am making Bonnie's Happily Scrappily Irish in king size for my daughter. She doesn't want borders, so I think it will have to be square @ 15x15 blocks. I love the green 9 patches alternating with the hour glass blocks.

regan said...

I love your daughter's quilt! It's fabulous!

Vic in NH said...

Dear, dear Subee! I am so glad that your absence in posting was only quilty secrets and not any dire reason. Your quilts are always inspirational and the green one is no exception. As for the large scale floral that is stored in "a safe place," I have made a prayer to Saint Anthony in your behalf.